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Family Care Plans for Newly Married Couples

The newly married couple is indeed in a happy and happy state. However, apart from their honeymoon, couples usually live normally, so the potential for quarrels remains. Therefore, if the family's care is not maintained in order to remain harmonious, of course the young age of marriage is like living in hell.
Well, below will explain a plan to care for the family so that it is always harmonious and happy. A positive action that is really needed by couples, especially newly married. Therefore, if you are in this category, please refer to the following list:

  • Get Started in the Pregnancy Program Immediately

Some say that getting pregnant at the young age of marriage is not good. Even the impression       disturbs the couple who is still in a happy and intimate state. Even though this is not quite right, the presence of children can increase harmony.
You can imagine how a husband and wife feel when they see a cute and plump baby in their midst. Of course the feeling of happiness increases and can bind loyalty between the two of them. At least at the young age of marriage, there is a beauty in itself because you feel life is perfect.

  • Start Looking For Your Own Home

The next plan is to start looking for a house on their own for the couple who still lives with their parents. This is not only to practice independently but also to prevent conflict from spreading because of the many people who interfere in it. Guaranteed, if you just got married and live alone, of course the sensation of intimacy will be even more serene.
For this plan, you don't need an expensive house, let alone go into debt. because surely life is uncomfortable because one day debt collectors always collect it. Better to just function the existing budget even if it is a small rented house.

  • Start Setting an Interesting Recreation Schedule

Every married couple, of course, want the nuances of their life to remain the same as on their honeymoon. Among them are traveling, recreation, eating and others. Now, the option to maintain a harmonious post-honeymoon relationship is not to leave these activities.
So, please schedule your recreation time at least once a week or once a month. Even though it is not an expensive destination, the most important thing is that it can make the boredom experienced by your partner disappear. Just a suggestion, it doesn't matter if there are monthly expenditures allocated for this plan.

  • Start drafting finances neatly

Sometimes newly married couples can break up if economic problems are a problem. Especially if before marriage you are used to everything, but when you get married, your finances are very unhealthy. Therefore, when you want a relationship to last, start learning to make a neat financial list.
The goal is so that there are no problems with finances that can trigger domestic conflicts. Certainly not beautiful, just got married but already owed money here and there. Of course it is not funny just because there is a lack of spending money having to ask both parents.

  • Schedule Sexual Relationships according to Mutual Desires

If you want to care for the intimacy of a newly married couple, there is not enough economy to support your birth. But sexual relations as a form of mental sustenance also need attention. Therefore, some time after marriage, plan when the right time and how many times sexual intercourse.
This kind of service in bed can make a relationship last until the end of life. However, if at a young age, ML's marriage was not arranged according to mutual wishes, of course there would be a sense of boredom, especially if one of the partners was closed to complain. Many married couples separate because of this problem, even though the age of their marriage is only as long as corn.

  • Choose a comfortable family health care

Since getting married, choose a comfortable health plan. You can use health insurance, both for both partners or for children in the future. Choose the one that suits your finances and needs. Health care is number one because with the care of the family the family will be healthy and happy.

Those are some plans to maintain the harmony of a newly married couple. Hopefully this article can be important information for those of you who have just finished their honeymoon. So, please note and run.

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