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Story for Kids, My Teeth are Healthy

My Teeth are Healthy
Abid is surprised and a little afraid. There's a giant, white thing that has a strange shape,

"Who are you?" asks Abid.

"Shh, don't be afraid, Abid. I am a giant tooth. I won't hurt you. Come with me," says the big, white creature that says it's a giant tooth, smiling,
"What is this tunnel?" says Abid, full of curiosity

"We're in your friend Gugun's mouth Look these are all my friends," says the giant tooth pointing to the row of his friends. There are 20 of them. When you grow up, there will be 32

"Wow...Abid is impressed

"I'm a canine. There are only 4 of me-one on each side. I'm a bit pointy, I can tear hard food that you eat" the canine offers his hand,

"I'm an incisor. My job is to bite off and chew food smiles the incisor

"I'm a molar. I appear when you get older. I grind up your food to make it smoother" replies the molar

Suddenly Abid is shocked to see a group of monsters surrounding several giant teeth. The teeth are screaming in pain.

"Who are they?" asks Abid.

"They are germs. They love sweet food like ice cream, candy, chocolate, cookies, and cake."

"When they eat sugar, germs make a lot of acids that can hurt us giant teeth. We get holes in us and it really hurts...says the giant tooth sadly.

"How could that happen?" Abid suddenly feels sad, He is thinking about the sweet things that he loves so much.

Gugun often forgets to brush his teeth after eating, so we are the ones who have to face the consequences." continues the giant tooth

"We love eating fruits and vegetables, fish, milk, and eggs are also good for us. But we still need to be cleaned after eating says giant tooth with a sparkle in his eye.

"Eat healthy food and brush regularly. That's how to make us happy. Brush your teeth well because you only have two sets of teeth to last your whole life," continues the giant tooth

"I'm sorry. Sometimes I forget to brush my teeth after I eat. I promise I'll never forget against says Abid, shaking the giant tooth's hand.

Abid wakes up to the sound of the morning call to prayer. He goes into the bathroom, brushes his teeth, and can't wait to tell Gugun and his other friends about his dream.

"They also have to go to the dentist. Mother says every six months," says Abide to himself,

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