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7 Benefits of Dragon Fruit for Pregnant Women, Able to Prevent Birth Defects

 Benefits of Dragon Fruit for Pregnant Women
Fresh and delicious, dragon fruit can be used as a daily snack

Mama, have you ever tried dragon fruit? Do you like it or not? The dragon fruit on the outside does have a pile of skin that is unique and purplish red, but the flesh of the fruit is purplish-red and some are white.

Pregnancy is one of the most important phases in a prospective mama's life. During pregnancy is time for a healthy lifestyle to be followed for the health of pregnant women and fetuses in the womb.

To support health during pregnancy, Mama must be smart to choose nutritional intake.

Dragon fruit is one of the fruits that offers many benefits for pregnant women and fetuses. Let's look at the benefits of consuming dragon fruit for pregnant women and fetuses.

Health Benefits of Eating Dragon Fruit During Pregnancy

Is it safe to eat dragon fruit during pregnancy? Yes, of course safe. There are many health benefits of consuming this fruit.

Dragon fruit, also called pitaya, comes from Mexico, South America, and Central America. The fruit comes in sour and sweet form depending on the species. In Indonesia, dragon fruit generally tastes fresh, fresh, and has a sweet taste.

Quoted from, summarizes the benefits of dragon fruit for pregnant women:

1. Prevent birth defects
The abundant amount of folic acid in dragon fruit makes it a healthy choice for pregnant women. Folate protects unborn babies from neural tube defects.

This fruit also has several other important nutrients such as vitamins B1, B2, B3, and vitamin C. Dragon fruit also contains other important nutrients that improve fetal health, as well as optimal growth and development.

2. Helps bone growth
The calcium content in dragon fruit helps strengthen bones and teeth. Calcium and phosphorus in dragon fruit can also help the process of bone growth in the fetus.

3. Increase hemoglobin
Increase hemoglobin

The content of iron and vitamin C in dragon fruit helps increase the amount of hemoglobin in pregnant women. So, dragon fruit helps reduce the risk of anemia and any bad effects caused by low hemoglobin levels.

4. Treat constipation
Constipation is the most common complaint experienced by pregnant women. High fiber in dragon fruit helps fight constipation. The nutrients in the dragon fruit act as agents to fight many other digestive disorders.

5. There are benefits of dragon fruit which is rich in vitamin C
During pregnancy, fulfilling the need for vitamin C is important to support the growth of the gums, teeth, and bones in the fetus. Not only that, but vitamin C can also ward off free radicals that can prevent disease.

6. A good source of carbohydrates
As a natural source of carbohydrates, 100 grams of dragon fruit has about 9 to 14 grams of carbohydrates. The recommendation for carbohydrates during pregnancy is at least 135 grams per day. Carbohydrates provide the main source of energy when the fetus grows in the mother's womb.

7. Control blood sugar
The low sugar content can control blood sugar so that you avoid the problem of gestational diabetes that many pregnant women experience. Instead of eating potato chips or donuts, Mama can make dragon fruit as a healthy snack during pregnancy.

That's 7 benefits of dragon fruit for pregnant women. Do not hesitate to eat dragon fruit again, Ma.

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