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Is It Necessary to Take a Shower Every Day?

Is It Necessary to Take a Shower Every Day?
Bathing is proof of human civilization and culture. Long ago, people didn't take a bath maybe it didn't matter. But as time goes by, people are starting to know how to become healthier, more attractive, and more comfortable. And taking a bath is one way. 

We who live in the tropics are accustomed to bathing twice a day, morning and evening. Sometimes more if our activities cause a dirty body, or if for some other reason, want to date for example. 

In a climate like Indonesia, not bathing will make the body sticky and smelly. Rarely come into contact with soap and water, itchy skin, and oily hair. For this reason, it's only natural that we don't forget about bathing. 

The question is: do you have to take a bath every day? Can we just wash our hands, clean our faces, and change clothes? 

Here are some medical explanations from medical doctors and beauty experts, as reported by the GQ website. 

Depends on Climate 
"If you live in a dry climate or in a place with extreme winter, then too often bathing in hot water and using too much soap can make the skin dry. However, in humid areas, if you often exercise, take a bath every day there will be a need to get rid of pimples, body odor, or other skin problems like fungal rashes," said Dr. Kendra Watson from Dakota Dermatology in Sioux Falls, SD. So it's natural if you don't take a bath when you live in a cold area or in winter. But if you are a resident of Jakarta or other big cities in Indonesia, then bathing becomes something important. 

Depends on Lifestyle 
"If you are a person with smelly sweat, then for the common good, please take a shower every day. This will reduce the risk of clogged pores, pimples, and the risk of being shunned by colleagues because of the pungent aroma," said Dr. James Collyer from Modern Dermatology in Seattle. "I recommend that everyone take a bath at least once a day. If their routine is active and causes sweating, I recommend taking two showers. Bathing also helps cleanse the body of bacteria, fungi, and chemicals such as pollution or pesticides." said Dr. Christopher O'Connell of Skin Associates in South Florida in Miami. Now if you are a type of person whose activities are high, often traveling using motorbikes or public transportation, also often in the open, then bathing is a good routine for you ... and also other people who are close to you. 

"For those who have normal to oily skin, I would recommend taking a shower every day to minimize the risk of infection, reduce body odor, and avoid acne," said Dr. Ted Other from Dermatology in Austin TX.

But people with sensitive skin, who have eczema or dry skin, might want to avoid bathing every day. Soap and water tend to strip the skin of its natural moisturizers, so bathing every day can make the skin dry and more sensitive. Instead, they can rinse a part of the body with water and focus on the armpit area and groin with soap. "Most people should also not wash their hair every day. Using excessive shampoo will get rid of natural oils that help shine and enhance hair. It's better to wash your hair three or four times a week with a quality shampoo." said Lauren Rachel, a male care expert at the Salon Board for Men. 

Even so, from a health perspective, it turns out we don't have to shower every day. Human skin is not designed to be cleaned from natural oils and good bacteria every day through bathing. In addition, there are some disadvantages to bathing every day, such as dry skin and disturbed natural pH and good bacterial ecosystems, said Dr. Jeremy Fenton of the Schweiger Dermatology Group in New York City. 

Then, how? This matter, skin, and health experts have an agreement or a meeting point, the point again depends on the circumstances of each person. "Bathing every day actually does not really affect the health of the skin, but also not a bad thing. If you choose to shower every day, avoid using soap that can dry out the skin or rough scrubbing. Focus on areas of body odor (groin, armpits, feet), and don't forget to use a moisturizer after bathing, "said Dr. James Collyer. "For those who don't want to take a bath every day but don't want to have an unpleasant body scent, you can use a washcloth to clean the parts that are the source of foul odors such as the armpits, groin, buttocks, and feet," said Dr. Jeremy Fenton. 

In addition, bathing also does not need to linger, no need to soak, and does not have to always use hot water. Simply rinse the body and soap for 5 minutes with cold water or warm water. That way, you get freshness, avoid bad smells, and don't make your skin too dry.

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