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Get to Know Each Family Member Role

Family Member Role
One function and role of the family is as a place to socialize or share the love. In a harmonious family with warm memberships, sharing love might be possible every day. However, to form a harmonious family, each family member must carry out his role according to their respective duties and portions.

Talking about the role of the family certainly cannot be separated from social, economic, and educational functions. Each family member needs to carry out his role well so that everything that forms the function of the family can work well too. But unfortunately, there are still people who do not understand the role of each family member, including himself. What are the roles of each family member? Well, see the explanation of the role of each family member below.

Father's role in the family
What do you have in mind when discussing the role of a father in a family? Certainly, your answer will refer to the statement that the father is the head of the family and the person in charge of making a living. However, what is the duties of the head of the family? The role of a father in the family can not be separated from his responsibility to provide a sense of security and protection for each family member. Besides, the father also must protect every member of his family and be a decision-maker when a conflict or problem occurs in the family. Besides, as the head of the family, the father should have the duty to support each family member while he is still in his productive age. Even if a father retires and does not work anymore, his role as head of the family must still be carried out.

The Role of Mothers in the Family Similar to the role of a father, the existence of a mother is also very important in a family. As the role of the family as a place to pour love, mothers become people who give more love to their husbands and children. The role of a mother is certainly educating children, while fathers will only accompany mothers in educating their children. Besides, a mother's role also includes providing food for all family members and providing a decent living environment for all family members. However, for mothers who also have outside work, they must be smart to divide the time between taking care of work and household. A mother can also be a mediator when there is a problem between child and child or between father and child. Given the role of mothers in the family so diverse, it is not wrong if a mother often gets a title as a supermom.

The Role of the Eldest Child in the Family
The eldest child is a marriage binder and was born as the first child that his parents had been waiting for. The role of the eldest child naturally nurtures his younger siblings to be better. The eldest is also often regarded as the most mature for making decisions. When he is an adult, the eldest also has the right to mediate when a conflict between his parents never fades. In general, the eldest child plays an important role in economic sustainability and social status in the family, because generally the throne or inheritance will be given to the oldest child.

The Role of Youngest Children in the Family
Like the eldest child, the role of the youngest child can also be a binding marriage between husband and wife. Moreover, if his presence is eagerly awaited, for example when a husband and wife crave a son when they already have a daughter. The nature of the youngest child who is generally cheerful and wants to be always pampered can be a special entertainer for his parents. It is not an impossible thing if the youngest also plays an important role in the economic sustainability and social status of the family.

In conclusion, the role of the family will run well if each family member has understood and carried out their respective roles. In modern times, there are indeed many family members who play different roles, for example, a mother being the head of a family because the father does not work. However, harmony in the family will be created if each family member can understand each other and carry out their respective roles properly.


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