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Story for Kids, Teaching Like to Share

teaching loving to share

Abid is buying some bread in the bakery near the town square. He buys a lot of bread.

"Isn't that a bit too much?" she reminds him.

Abid makes a face and buys three pieces of bread. When he leaves the bakery he sees a boy standing Just outside, Abid feels sorry for him and gives him a piece of bread.

"What are you doing, Hakim?"

"I'm picking out some clothes to give to the orphanage..." says Hakim

"Let me help," says Abid.

Mimi's mother likes gardening. There are a lot of flowers in Mimi's yard. People often ask for flowers from Mimi's garden. Abid and his friends often share their toys. They can even take their friend's toy home before returning it the next day.

"What do Horse and Cow get?" masks Miami.

Abid opens his bag and takes out two apples for Horse and Cow

"Thank you," say Horse and Cow together.

Sometimes Mother helps Hakim and his friends' study.

"Knowledge can also be shared," says Mother when Abid asks.

Abid doesn't say anything. He simply nods his head, like a woodpecker

"Our mother is great, isn't she. That's why my friends like coming over to our house," says Hakim
Abid learned to share when he was quite small.

Abid likes to share because it makes other people happy,

Do you like to share, like Abid?

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