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Toxic Positivity and Its Bad Effects

Toxic Positivity and Its Bad Effects
Toxic Positivity and Its Bad Effects

Not always everything should be fine

Encouraging is indeed important. But if everyone says the same thing, it can have an unhealthy effect on your mentality. Basically, every emotion has its own message. Be it happy emotions or sadness. All must be well received. Not all complaints and sadness must be returned with a positive spirit. If there are people who continue to give encouragement without empathy for you, it could be a sign of toxic positivity.

Like what, and what are the bad effects? Next, we are describing it for you.

1. What is toxic positivity?
Toxic positivity is a popular term that refers to situations when someone encourages a friend who is overwritten by misfortune.

People who spread toxic positivity usually ask you not to feel the most miserable in the world. No matter what feeling you are feeling, they will tell you to be grateful for what you have right now.

Plus, you are also asked to see people who are far less fortunate than you are right now.

support and toxic positivity
support and toxic positivity

2. Words that are commonly spoken when spreading toxic positivity
Maybe you are not aware, but some sentences are often brought up when someone is spreading toxic positivity.

Here are a few:

"Calm down, everything will pass, you can definitely pass this"

"Look, there are still many who are far less fortunate than you"

"Thankful for what you have, there are still many who suffer more than you"

"Keep the spirit alive!"

"Hang in there, you can get through it"

Usually, the people who say this sentence don't ask what kind of feeling you are feeling. Instead of asking, they will only tell you to look on the bright side of every incident.

3. Toxic positivity explodes during the pandemic
During the Covid-19 pandemic, realize, many people are asking to be more positive in seeing things. Instead of complaining and feeling upset, it's better to spend more time with family, try out new hobbies, and finish books that you haven't read.

According to a psychotherapist from London, Noel McDermott, that is what is referred to as toxic positivity.

Noel said, toxic positivity increasingly exploded during a pandemic like this. People seemed to avoid the fact that the condition of the Covid-19 pandemic was traumatic and unpleasant.

Meanwhile, if you complain about the situation, you will be labeled ungrateful and considered not on the right track.

4. The danger of toxic positivity
Basically, gratitude amid sad conditions is not prohibited.

According to a therapist in New York City, Jenny Maenpaa, there is nothing wrong with counting gratitude in the middle of a dark period. But you can still accept grief or sadness without having to bury it deeply.

Feelings of sadness and sorrow that is always denied or buried are very unhealthy for them mentally. Each feeling represents your current state.

If you feel depressed, it's better to make peace with that feeling, know why you feel depressed, and accept the feeling. Likewise with feelings of sadness, sorrow, and loss. Accept gracefully and make peace with it.

If not, all negative feelings will haunt your subconscious. Despite continuing to smile, there is guilt that haunts without you knowing.

how to avoid toxic positivity
how to avoid toxic positivity

5. What can be done against toxic positivity
No need to listen to things you don't want to hear. If you feel sad or down, know all the emotions. You can allow yourself to feel sad and happy at the same time.

You can be grateful for what you still have, but you can also honestly acknowledge what is bothering you. That way, all emotions can be well-received without having to be buried.

After that, know the source of anxiety or sadness. Begin to fix and solve it. Not all of that can be completed overnight. If it takes longer, do it sincerely.

You can also refuse well if there are people who continue to offer toxic positivity.

Remember, no problem if the situation is not okay. Not every day is passed by the bright sun.

Know the problems that bother you, solve them well and everything is more acceptable with grace.

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