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Avoid scolding your little one, because this is the danger

Scolding a child is a very dangerous act of parental arrogance. Especially if the emotional behavior is accompanied by a sharp gaze that shows an extraordinary sense of anger. Parents' affection will be questioned even more if the anger also includes “playing hands” behavior.


There are many risks if parents like to scold their children excessively. There are those that have mental effects, there are also those that have bad effects on the psyche. For more details, please read the following list of dangers to scolding children:

1. Child mentally timid

The first danger is that the child will have a timid mentality. He would not dare to look at life just because he was often scolded blindly. Do not expect them to achieve success if this mentality is the choice.

Children who have had a timid mentality, will immediately withdraw from their environment. Never mind the surrounding community, with his own parents he will stay away. In this condition, of course all that remains is the regret of parents who have been in vain.


2. Children Grow Up to be Dissidents

If you like to scold your children as a child, don't blame them if you are more rebellious and argumentative as adults. This is the fruit of wrong upbringing, because what is shown to children is not wisdom but anger. Logically what children learn from childhood, that will become their nature when they grow up.


Furthermore, it is up to the parents whether to continue to scold the child excessively or be more patient. Just a suggestion, remember that you always expect a lot of your little one in the future. Therefore, take care of them well and give education and positive treatment.


3. Children Experiencing Acute Stress

The third danger of scolding a child is that the child will experience acute stress. Many cases like this have happened to children and even disturbed their psyche. Parents should be more patient and if they have to be angry then get angry while maintaining their emotions so as not to explode.


If the child is stressed, it is the parents themselves who are bothered. There are many consequences that must be accepted, one of which is low learning power, laziness to move, isolating oneself from family and others. This is actually formed by the condition of the relationship between parents and children which is no longer based on affection.


4. Children Losing PD Sense

According to psychologists, successful children are usually characterized as having high self-esteem. He is not shy to communicate with older people, do difficult activities, appear in public and so on. Meanwhile, the number one enemy of PD feeling is always afraid of being wrong.


Now, if children are accustomed to being scolded for their wrong activities, then in the future they will always think that they are always wrong. It is certain that there will be no work from a child with this kind of mentality because he wants to start doing just that the feeling of guilt that comes to his mind. Therefore, please scold the child but in accordance with the level of error.


5. Children Inherit Angry Traits

The last danger is that the child will inherit the temper tantrum from the parents. This is due to the treatment in childhood which is easily stored in the memory, so that when it is an adult the recording will be typical. He will become angry, even trivial matters will make him angry.


The case that often occurs is that parents and children conflict when they are adults. This is not because the child is disobedient, but because there is indeed an angry spirit in his heart. Of course all parents do not want to have this kind of child.


That's the danger of always scolding your child excessively. Please stay away from such arrogant actions if you don't want to have children with bad personalities like the ones mentioned above.

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