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Types of games for your little one's motor skills that are safe and interesting

Kinds of motor games for your little one must be known by a mother. Especially those who want to have a baby who is not only cute but also has good intelligence. Including the little one who can feed on his own, hold objects without falling, kiss his mother's cheek and others.

So, if you need information regarding the game in question, please read the following parenting article. All of them discuss games that are not only useful for your little one's motor development but are also interesting to play. This is the game in question:

  1. Coloring Pictures

The first game is to color the pictures that are liked by children. This is not only a game in the form of entertainment and learning, but can also improve the motor development of toddlers. At least, so that they have ideal fine motor skills, especially in the position of the fingers and wrists.

If this game is played continuously, it will be easier for children to grasp. Including holding the spoon which will allow him to eat without being fed by the mother. In addition, your little one will have good writing skills so that when they are enrolled in school, teachers do not need to teach them anymore.

2. Playing Playdoh

Playdoh is a children's game that is so popular because it is considered good for training your little one's motor skills. Usually this game is done by kneading and forming a certain shape. If this is played continuously, of course the child will have strong hand and arm muscles.

Uniquely, this game can be made by the mother herself. The ingredients are also cheap, one of which is mixing flour, salt, starch and water and stirring until thickened. This can be a solution if parents are afraid of children playing playdoh in which there are chemicals.

3. Paper folding

A good third motoric game for your little one is paper folding. The trick, please provide colorful paper of various sizes then let your little one play it. If the child has entered training age, it is okay for the mother to guide him to fold in a tidier shape.

In fact, this game will be given by the teacher when your child enters pre school. However, it is okay for the mother to give it at home, taking into account so that when she starts school, your little one can fold even better. Now, if the game of paper folding is done continuously, of course the child's fingers will be stronger and their muscle mass will grow.

4. Meronce

Meronce is a game of inserting a rope into a hole like a person is sewing. Sometimes there is also an object of a certain shape in the middle of which is given a hole. The child's task is to put all these objects together by inserting a rope into the existing holes.

This game is not only to improve the development of hand motor strength, but also to coordinate between the hands and the eyes. Don't forget that the ronce tool used must attract interest, such as given a colorful rope or the object is given a beautiful picture.

5. Play Puzzles

A game that is also good for children's motor skills is playing puzzles. This is a game that combines entertainment with learning primarily related to concentration and memory. In addition, children's grip on puzzle pieces also trains their hand and eye coordination.

Please choose a puzzle with an animal or hero image that your little one really likes. So that they can play it comfortably and be entertained and avoid feeling bored. If possible, don't give the same puzzle, but replace it every time with a new one.

Those are the kinds of games that are good for children's motor skills. Everything is safe to play and the mother doesn't have to spend any money just to get it. So please choose and then give it to the child so that he immediately plays and practices.

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