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Various Types of Infection During Pregnancy Can Harm the Baby

infections during pregnancy

Pregnancy is the most vulnerable time for a woman's health, especially in the transmission of infection. If a prospective mother is infected, the baby who is growing in the womb is very vulnerable to be affected.

For this reason, it is important for all pregnant women to always maintain their health. Do not let negligence that Mama did due to not maintaining health endanger the fetus.

Here we summarize some infections during pregnancy that endanger the baby in the womb:

1. Flu infection causes memory problems in children
The new study found prospective mothers who experience inflammation caused by infections during pregnancy, such as flu or chronic stress can affect the brain development of an unborn child.

Researchers at Oregon Health & Science University looked at 84 women during their pregnancy, up to two years after delivery. The researchers found that women who had high levels of inflammation or infection during pregnancy were more at risk of giving birth to children who had memory problems at the age of two compared to others.

This finding is thought to provide unprecedented new insight into how the fetal brain develops. Through these findings, the need for pregnant women to get flu shots can be considered or recommended as a preventive measure.

2. Group B streptococcal infections cause sepsis
Group B streptococcal colonies are commonly found in the rectum or vagina. Quite a lot of women who looked healthy were found to have this infection. Although only 1 in 2000 of Mama's candidates who unconsciously transmit this infection during pregnancy, this condition is quite a concern of health experts.

Transmission of these microorganisms can cause sepsis in infants in the womb and can trigger a crisis. The path of the spread of group B streptococcal infections is usually through sexual contact.

3. Herpes simplex virus causes mental retardation
This type of virus can also be found in the vagina and birth canal. If exposed in the birth canal during childbirth, the baby has a risk of infection that can cause damage to the central nervous system, even to the point of causing mental retardation.

This virus is transmitted mainly through body fluids or sexual contact.

4. Chickenpox can spread to children
Chickenpox is no longer a fatal infection, but if you are not vaccinated, the virus can be transmitted to infants. The doctor might vaccinate you against this disease during pregnancy. If not, Mama can ask for it.

5. Syphilis can infect babies
Syphilis is a sexually transmitted disease that can infect a baby, either through the placenta or through an open wound during delivery. Mama can avoid transmission of this infection by not changing partners in sexual intercourse, as well as maintaining genital cleanliness and sexual organs.

6. Escherichia coli causes sepsis
Escherichia coli can be found in the intestine and vagina. However, these infections are mostly asymptomatic. If exposed to the baby during childbirth, then there is a possibility your child will suffer from sepsis.

7. Gram-positive organisms are transmitted from hospitals
This infection can be obtained from the hospital or the surrounding environment. To avoid this infection, the best way is to ensure cleanliness as long as Mama has to stay in the hospital after delivery.

8. Hepatitis causes disorders of the liver
Hepatitis is a virus that affects liver function. Hepatitis can be transmitted through oral contact, sexual contact, or through contact with the blood of an infected person. This infection is also a dangerous infection for babies, especially for the development of a liver function.

Mama who is pregnant does not need to be too panicked and worried, while Mama is still maintaining her health condition. This does not mean that any exposure to infection will hurt the baby. However, these findings can provide new ways that can help health providers to reduce the level of inflammation at risk of infection.

There are several infections during pregnancy that can harm the baby. Mama should be more vigilant in maintaining health and discuss with your doctor about vaccinations that can be done to prevent the infection.

Hopefully, this information is useful, Ma.

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