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5 Activities Women Should Avoid When Pregnant Young

According to doctors and obstetricians, women who are pregnant are still prone to miscarriage and other disorders. Usually, this is caused by bad behavior that is done excessively to cause problems in the uterus and fetus. The question is what are the bad behaviors?


To answer this question, below will explain about activities that women should not do when pregnant. Meanwhile, the reason is because these activities can cause problems for the fetus to trigger premature birth and even miscarriage. For more details, please read the following list:

1. Smoking

The first activity that should not be done by young pregnant women is smoking. Some doctors even claim that this behavior is a very dangerous taboo. Once cigarette smoke enters the body, the potential for the fetus to be disrupted is very large.


One of the risks of smoking during early pregnancy is that the child will experience congenital defects. While most cases are fetuses born prematurely with very little growth and development. Therefore, if you don't want to experience the above, then stay away from these tobacco products.


2. Drinking Liquor

According to WHO research, it turns out that alcohol can also damage the fetus in the womb. Even in some foreign countries, many fetuses experience FAS or Fetal Alcohol Syndrome which makes the fetus grow and develop not properly. Meanwhile, the characteristics are the smaller the fetus's body day by day accompanied by behavioral disorders.


For the reasons above, doctors categorize liquor as dangerous as cigarettes. If consumed by the mother, it is not only the fetus that is problematic, the mother can also get extreme diseases. One of them is liver disease to heart problems.


3. Excessive Soaking in the Sauna

An activity that should not be done during a young pregnancy, which is to soak in the sauna excessively. This is based on research because this behavior has the potential to damage the fetus. Indeed, this activity is fun and makes the mother's psychology relax, but if it is too much, it is very dangerous.


However, that does not mean that pregnant women should not soak in warm water as long as it is not more than 38 Celsius. The duration should not be too long, just a few minutes as needed. Even if you think it will make you addicted, it's better to just find another solution.


4. Excessive Depression

Mothers who are young pregnant must maintain their mood so they don't get depressed and stressed. Because if this condition exists, the fetus in the womb will also get the impact. Even though it may be born normally, but in his mind there are congenital problems due to the condition of the mother during pregnancy.


Therefore, make sure the mind of the pregnant mother is always cool and calm. Husbands also need to be able to ensure that their wives are in good condition by minimizing conflicts in the household. In fact, if you always fight, your wife will be stressed and depressed.


5. Playing with Animals

The last behavior is to stay away from playing with animals such as cats. This includes not cleaning the cage for any reason. Because cat litter contains certain bacteria which are said to be dangerous for pregnant women and the fetus.


If there are pets in the house, please evacuate them to another family first. After the birth process is complete, it's okay to go back to playing with him. This is also for the health of the mother and the fetus itself.


So, if young pregnant women don't want to have problems with their pregnancy, please stay away from the above behavior. It is better to live with always maintaining health such as eating nutritious food, getting plenty of rest and not stressing. This behavior is safer and certainly healthier and more enjoyable.

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