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Story for Kids, I Learn Where I Come From

Story for Kids, I Learn Where I Come From
I Learn Where I Come From
Abid, Cow, and Horse are sitting together They are all looking at the chicken coop on their father's farm. A baby chick is still in its shell among the other eggs that are about to hatch.

"Oh, when the eggs hatch, baby chicks come out...
So I come from on egg too, huh?" says Abid, who is met with laughter from Horse, Cow, and Mother who suddenly come up behind Abid.

"You didn't come from an egg, dear. I was pregnant and gave birth to you, It is the same with Cow and Horse's mothers"

"Do you see that fat sheep over there? That she a large stomach because it's pregnant," answers Abid's mother with a smile.

"How is it you can get pregnant and give birth?" asks Abid.

"I can get pregnant because I married your father"

"Allah gives children to grownups who are married so they can teach them well and they can grow up to be clever as you," says Mother, gently stroking Abid's head

"So, if you are married you can get pregnant?" Abid is still confused

"Hmm. I have egg cells and Father has sperm. My eggs are fertilized by Father's sperm and together they develop into a zygote, which then becomes a baby" explains Mother.

"In that case, I want to be pregnant too," says Abid, rubbing his stomach

"Hahaha...  You are a boy. How can you get pregnant? You don't have a womb in your belly like your mother" laughs Cow.

"Oh "answers Abid, laughing

"So, how did I get out of your belly, Mother?" 
Abid looks like he is thinking hard.

"Who helped you give birth

"Allah the almighty, dear...  Allah has given women the reproductive organs that provide the way for babies to be born"

"Some babies are also assisted by doctors with a special operation called a caesarian," explains Mother

"Was I in your belly for a long time? asks Abid

"Pretty long, dear....  because you had to grow first before you could be born" Mother smiles

"Thank you, Mother, for becoming pregnant and giving birth to me" Abid hugs his mother tightly.

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