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Tips to Introduce the Concept "where do I come from" to Children

Tips to Introduce the Concept where do I come from to Children
A child will always learn from what they see, hear, and feel. The development of thinking ability will experience progress and complexity. And sometimes there are only unique ideas or thoughts that come to mind and are expressed to us as parents. For example, what will we answer when our toddler suddenly asks "Where was my mother born from?". This question is one example of evidence of the development of our children's thinking abilities and of course we should be grateful. However, many parents are not prepared for such questions and only answer briefly. Parents who don't realize this will usually answer "don't ask dirty ones" or "little kids don't have to ask questions like that".

Did mother and father know that according to research some of the S3X deviations that occur in adulthood are caused when they are little when they do not get the proper S3X knowledge? When a child asks, that is actually our Golden Opportunity to explain many things. Of course according to their understanding. Well, some tips to introduce the concept "where do I come from" that my father and mother can try at home are as follows;

First, don't ever lie. Just tell the truth to children in accordance with language that is easily understood. For example, "by marrying a father, a mother can give birth to you. You come from the belly of the mother and it is all a gift from Allah SWT ".

Second, Introduce the vital parts of the human body with their real names. Do not replace p3n1s word with "bird" or v4gin4 word with "wallet" because this will only confuse children.

Third, Always associate sex problems with religious understanding. For example, pregnancy can occur when married. Give the limits of promiscuity between men and women and so on so that later he will realize that there are religious rules about the association of men and women.

Fourth, introduce biological signs of adulthood when they are teenagers. Give a correct explanation of wet dreams in boys by fathers and an explanation of menstruation in girls by mothers. Don't reverse, Mother. Father's role is also very important

Fifth, Always Answer the child's question even though the explanation can be done later if we don't understand it ourselves. Tell the child that the father and mother will answer the question later.

Father and mother, as parents who crave happy family life, it is our shoes that we believe that when children ask about it, it indicates that our children are smart and one important point is that every question asked by our children is Golden Opportunity for parents and children to begin to understand something they do not yet understand.

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