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Reasons for the Importance of Reading Tales to Children

 benefits of reading stories to children.

Educating children is not just a mother's duty. A father is also responsible for the education of his children. It's rare to find a father who likes to read fairy tales to his children. This activity has many benefits for your child and also your baby. Rob Kemp explains there are at least five benefits of reading stories to children.

1. Improve language skills
Father's technique of reading a fairy tale to his child is certainly different from Mother. When you read the story, you will focus more on how the character feels. Mothers also tend to behave like teachers. Whereas when the father reads the story, he often relates the story to other things outside the story read. The father will give another analogy based on real events that are easily understood by the child. Two approaches used by parents in reading stories to you will have an impact on good language skills.

2. Giving Understanding to Children that Reading is Fun
Fathers who like to read, whether it's newspapers, magazines, books, etc. will provide positive examples for their children. Children will usually imitate the habits of parents. Then, when fathers read fairy tales to their children, even the little one will understand that reading is a fun activity.

3. Form a better person
Research from Fatherhood Institute says that children who are often recited by fathers by their fathers will have good personal and concentration. Even in broken family conditions, the presence of fathers to continue to pay attention to their children will increase their enthusiasm for learning at school, especially in boys.

4. Strengthen the emotional bond between child and father
Fathers who often interact with their children, especially reading them fairy tales, will have strong emotional ties. The closeness of parents and good children will be able to form positive behaviors and increase children's confidence.

5. Reducing stress
After tired of working all day, the father can reduce fatigue and stress by reading stories to his children. Reading fairy tales is not only fun for children, but also can drive away from the fatigue of the father.

Father, if you want to have a child who likes to read and behave well, don't ever hesitate to read fairy tales to your little one. Take about 10-15 minutes per day to read a fairy tale. Feel the benefits yourself. This activity will also provide good benefits for children in the future.

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