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Ways to Prevent Children from Being Cyberbullying

 Prevent Children from Being Cyberbullying

Children's relationships have become more widespread since the advent of social media. Children can get to know and make more friends through social media. In this digital world, seeing a child playing with a cellphone feels very natural. However, as parents, it does not mean we let our children play freely on social media. The use of social media must still be limited. Parents must direct their children to use social media wisely.

Another phenomenon that accompanies the association of children on social media is the emergence of cyberbullying. Just like the case of bullying in general, cyberbullying has a bad effect both for the perpetrator and the victim. These bad actions will still affect the psychological development of children. Do not let because of our lack of supervision makes children grow into criminals. So, how do you make your child avoid cyberbullying? There are four effective ways to protect children from becoming perpetrators or victims of cyberbullying.

Always Adhere to the Age Limit on the Use of Social Media
If you love children, don't always say "yes". Even though he keeps whining about buying a cellphone, don't give him a cellphone before he is 13 years old. If the child already has his gadget, accompany the child when playing their gadget.

In assisting children, we must also introduce the limits of what can and may not be done by children on social media. Explain the consequences if the child committed a bad act or crime on social media. Explain also that social media is public media, so everyone can see the child's behavior.

Introduce the ITE Law to Children
Do you need to introduce the ITE Law to children? The answer is very necessary. Do not think that children are too young to understand this one law. In the digital world, children can be smarter than us. The child's speed in learning something can make him an expert in the world of social media than parents.

To that end, to prevent children from entering the vortex of cyberbullying crimes which are increasingly widespread, there is no harm in introducing the Information Technology Act (UU ITE). Explain that when they commit crimes on social media, the child can get legal sanctions.

Not only that, but it's also good for parents to divert the attention of children so as not to constantly focus on their gadgets. The way to divert their attention is to develop their talents and interests, such as involving music lessons, writing, or sports.

Parents are important figures for children. When children are still in development, they will imitate the behavior of their parents, from action to speech. If you often say harsh words, your child will easily imitate them. If not inside the house, children can be rude outside the home.

For that, as parents, we must be able to set a good example for our children. Not only telling children to do good, but parents also have to model good deeds to children.

Cultivate Children's Empathy
Bullying is a sign that children lack empathy for each other so they can act as they wish without thinking about how their friends feel. This becomes homework as well as hard work from parents to foster empathy for children. To foster empathy, of course, it can not be done instantly. The learning must be carried out continuously consistently.

So are some ways that can be done to prevent children from doing Cyberbullying.

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