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Raising Introverted Children in the Middle of an Extrovert World

Raising Introverted Children

Living amid the hustle and bustle of the world does make parents feel challenged to encourage children to get along, socialize, and have many friends. The simple reason is that children can keep up with the development of increasingly advanced times and certainly not live alone.

Then, what about children who have introverted souls? What is the fate of children who are considered "less able to get along"? Do they have to force themselves to get along and seem to be an extrovert just to be labeled as a "normal" child?

A study of introverted and extroverted children has been carried out. According to the study, the more extroverted children hang out with friends, the happier they will be. Just like an introverted child, when he is alone, at that time he is also filling the energy of happiness in his soul.

So, do you still think that every child must be an extrovert?

Whatever your answer, the most important thing right now is to educate and care for children to be individuals who are ready to face the world. Not only that, but parents should also respect children more, both including extroverted and introverted.

So, how do you raise introverted children without forcing them to become extroverts? The following steps of raising introverted children that you can try, Parents!

Accept Children as They Are and Embrace them
If you have introverts, accept them as they are and embrace them. It is better to avoid forcing them to attend the center of the crowd and to participate in various kinds of events that consume a lot of energy from these introverted children.

No need to worry they do not have friends, in time children will find their friends. Forcing children to be more active in social life will only hurt introverted children. As parents, you need to accept them as they are.

Encourage Children to Express Them According to Their Souls
Introverted children have their way of expressing themselves. Therefore, you need to encourage these children to express the feelings they are feeling. For example, by writing, drawing, painting, yoga, and other things that are liked by introverted children.

Respect Children's Privacy
Another thing parents need to do in raising introverted children is to respect the privacy of children. Is not it quieter around introverted children, the more introverted children are happy? For that, respect their privacy including their desire.

Let the Soul of a Child Flow No Need Forced to Be Someone Else
As parents of introverted children, it is not necessary to force children to be socially active.

Forcing children to join groups or events that they don't like will only get you and your children involved in a fight. For that, let the child's soul flow and let the children do the activities they like.

Support Children Gently
Another thing parents need to do to raise introverted children is to support introverted children gently. Allowing introverted children to continue to feel alone will only make them depressed, but forcing introverted children to hang out in groups that they don't like can also be a big problem.

To deal with this, it is better to support children to find activities and associate with groups that children like. For example, children love to swim, then help children join the swimming club. That is why parents need to know the talents and interests of children early on.

Teach Children to Understand the Uniqueness of Yourself
If you have introverted children, then teach them to understand themselves, especially to understand their uniqueness. An introvert will feel left behind in social life, but give children an understanding that they are unique and do not need to feel sad about the introvert's soul they have.

Explain to children that the child's strengths are as a listener, as someone who can communicate intensely and intimately with others.

Raising introverted children does not need to make them look like extroverted children and force them to get along with many people. It would be better to accept the soul of an introverted child as he is. The steps above can help you raise an introverted child.

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