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Dangers that Lurk Mama if Too Much Exposure to Cigarette Smoke

Too Much Exposure to Cigarette Smoke

There are many ways you can do to maintain a healthy pregnancy, one of which is to stay away from cigarette smoke. The dangers of cigarette smoke for pregnant women vary.

Remember! Cigarette smoke contains many poisons that can harm your child.
According to the American Pregnancy Association, about 12 to 20 percent of pregnant women in the United States who continue to smoke have a greater risk of having babies with birth defects, premature births, and even fetal death. However, even though Mama did not smoke the risk was still present if she was often exposed to cigarette smoke.

How dangerous is cigarette smoke?
You need to know, the effects of frequently inhaling cigarette smoke are almost as dangerous as smoking directly on pregnant women. The fetus breathes in what Mama breathes and all the toxins and harmful chemicals from cigarette smoke can reach the fetus through the mother's bloodstream.

Yes, ingredients such as nicotine, carbon monoxide, and other chemicals can cross the placenta to affect the Little One.

Here we have summarized information on the dangers of cigarette smoke for pregnant women:

1. Cigarette smoke can cause miscarriage
One of the most dangerous risks possessed by pregnant women if they are often exposed to cigarette smoke is miscarriage.

Several previous studies found that the smoking habits of husbands are closely related to the high risk of miscarriage.

One study conducted in Hong Kong found that pregnant women whose husbands were smokers and had the habit of smoking at least more than 20 cigarettes per day had twice the risk for miscarriage. This compares with pregnant women whose husbands do not smoke.

Well, Ma. From now on, try asking Papa to stop smoking!

2. Premature birth is one that is caused by cigarette smoke
A study of 209 pregnant women, 43 of which were exposed to cigarette smoke, found that the percentage of preterm births was higher among those who became passive smokers.

Also, pregnant women who are often exposed to cigarette smoke have a higher risk of experiencing hypertension, anemia, and premature rupture of membranes.

All of these are closely related to an increased risk of premature births. If not resolved immediately, this condition can also endanger the life of the Little One, Ma. Horrified?

3. Beware, cigarette smoke can make low birth weight
Many studies show a close relationship between passive smokers with low birth weight (LBW).

A study in Malaysia of 209 pregnant women who were passive smokers and 211 pregnant women without exposure to cigarette smoke, found that the incidence of low birth weight babies was more common in pregnant women who were passive smokers.

Most experts argue the link between cigarette smoke and low birth weight is because cigarette smoke inhibits the growth of the fetus in the womb. Besides, nicotine also reduces blood circulation to the fetus, and carbon monoxide reduces the supply of oxygen supply to the fetus.

4. Exposure to cigarette smoke can cause birth defects
Another adverse effect of exposure to cigarette smoke for pregnant women is an increased risk of babies born in disabilities.

Toxins and chemicals found in cigarettes can affect the growth and development of the baby's extremities, clubfoot, cleft lip, eye defects, and gastrointestinal effects. Therefore, during pregnancy, you should stay away from exposure to cigarette smoke Ma!

5. Sudden death in infants can be caused by cigarette smoke
Being a passive smoker during pregnancy can also be a factor in sudden death in infants, aka Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). This is a condition in which sudden, unexpected, and unexplained causes of death occur in infants under one year old.

The risk will increase even higher if Mama then becomes an active smoker after giving birth. Mama needs to know, nicotine and other poisons contained in cigarette smoke can affect the development of brain cells and the baby's nerve tissue. This dangerous material also makes babies vulnerable to respiratory infections, which is one of the risk factors for SIDS.

Fetuses of pregnant women who are often exposed to secondhand smoke usually also have a weaker immune system. This then affects the fetus's ability to survive the infection.

6. Impaired psychological development
A study found that being a passive smoker during pregnancy can affect children's cognitive and psychological development later.

In a study of 91 children aged 6-9 years found that those whose mothers were non-smokers (active or passive) had better performance in tests of speaking and language skills.

Besides, intelligence, visual abilities, and behavior are also better compared to children whose mothers are smokers (active or passive).

7. Children at risk of tobacco addiction later
Research has found that smoking during pregnancy, both actively and passively, means exposing babies to nicotine earlier.

Without realizing it, this can make children exposed to it early and become addicted. Later they will be at higher risk to become smokers as well as teenagers.

If Mama is currently pregnant and still smoking or is often in a smoker environment, stop immediately. Also remind Papa to stop smoking, Ma. This is for the health of the Little One too. If necessary, make a smoke-free zone home.

Well, that is the danger that will be caused if there is exposure to cigarette smoke in pregnant women. Hopefully, this information makes you more alert, yes!

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