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You Should Know that Depression on Parents Will Impact Bad on Children

Parental Depression
After becoming a parent, what happens to the father or mother does not only have an impact on oneself but will also have an impact on the child. Happy parents will form happy children. Conversely, parents who experience stress and depression will hurt children's psychological.

Being a father or mother in the millennial era now is vulnerable to make us depressed. Increasingly high lifestyle demands, social pressure, and many other things make depression common to parents.

For working mothers, for example, they often lack time to rest. After spending 8 hours working in an office with sometimes extraordinary workloads, the mother still has to take care of her baby, homework, and so on. There will be a point where he will feel pressured.

Father is very susceptible to stress. Not just work problems demands from wives, plus, most fathers often don't show their feelings. Buried stress will gradually explode. Who is the victim who suffers the most? Certainly child.

Many are found, stress experienced by parents is vented to children. When feelings of stress and stress come, parents forget it by scolding children. Not infrequently cases of violence are also found in children whose perpetrators are their parents because they feel depressed.

While found in other cases, because they do not want their emotions to explode in front of the child, parents even ignore the child or silence him. Both attitudes like this hurt the psychological child.

Depression experienced by parents in the first 16 years of a child's life harms a child's life. They will have difficulty learning, have behavioral problems, and even vulnerable to mental health problems.

Reporting from one study of 244 adolescents who had previously been depressed found that those whose mothers had a history of major depression were more likely to experience depression recurrences between the ages of 19 and 24, and had more frequent and severe episodes of depression.

Depressed mothers have more impact on adolescent mental health than depressed fathers, according to a 2005 study by researchers at the Oregon Research Institute in Eugene, Ore., Although children of depressed fathers were found to be more likely to consider and attempt suicide.

Even though it sounds bad and gloomy, depressed parents and their families should know that many things can be done to reduce the risk of children becoming depressed.

Michelle Sherman, Ph.D., a professor of clinical psychology at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center stated, "Even though there is only one adult who is ready and willing to help support a child, but this one person can make a big difference in a child's life when his parents are depressed." Additional emotional support can come from other relatives such as aunts or uncles, or school members, community organizations, etc.

Grandparents can also reduce the negative effects of depression experienced by parents. Frequent contact between a child and his grandparents, especially if the relationship is close and warm, reduces the possibility of the child experiencing depression later in life. According to research by Kate Fogarty, assistant professor of child development at the University of Florida. Children need to have strong, consistent adults in their lives. Fogarty emphasized, "That person can be in the family or outside the family. This type of relationship can increase resilience - or in other words, children will tend not to experience negative effects. "

Kate Fogarty added a soothing caregiver can provide a structured environment, but where a child can also feel free to express emotions.

The caregiver can maintain a dialogue with children, keeping communication lines open. He can also show sensitivity to the needs of children. A child also needs a caregiver who can detect their emotional state.

"If a child comes home after a bad day and looks upset, depressed parents may escape to help them through the process," Fogarty said.

Being a parent is not easy. In addition to being able to deal with various pressures and avoid depression, we also must be able to prevent children from the same thing. So it is strongly recommended that parents who feel stressed and unable to control their emotions not hesitate to seek help from professionals such as psychologists or psychiatrists.

Let's remember, that children's mental health is also in our hands.

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