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Story for Kids, Teaching Tolerance

teaching tolerance in England, Story for Kids

Abid and his family visit his Aunt Surah in England, wow how fun..!

Aunt Sarah lives in Birmingham with her husband, Uncle Akbar, and their cute son, Dzakir

Mr. and Mrs. Austin are uni Sarah's friendly neighbors. Their children, Scott and Ella play with Abid. Even though they don't speak the same language, they seem to get along right away

It is now Maghrib, Abid, and some others prepare to go to the mosque. Scott and Alice go home but promise to go to some famous places in England the next day.

"Scott and Alice's family is Catholic, so they don't go to the mosque" explains Aunt Surah.

After praying, Abid is surprised to see another boy praying in a wheelchair. "Hi, my name is Bilal," he says suddenly, offering Hakim his hand. It turns out that Bilal is from South Africa. His legs were paralyzed in an accident last year.

Abid loves traveling around and seeing the beautiful cities in England, and especially because he's not just with his family, but also with Scott, Alice, and Bilal.

Abid is amazed when they get on the bus and there's a ramp so that passengers in wheelchairs can get on and off the bus. People with disabilities always go first, and that includes Bilal.

They all enjoy walking around the streets of London.

Bilal reminds Abid to not walk on the part of the sidewalk that has raised lines. "Those lines are there for the blind. The bright color is there so that we pay attention." It's true". Just in front of them, two blind people are using the special handicapped lane.

Abid visits some famous sights in England.

Tower Bridge 
Tower Bridge was built above the River Thames and has been operating since 1894. This 244-meter bridge is unique because the center section can be raised to let large ships through. 

Big Ben 
The Great Bell, better known as Big Ben was built in 1834 and is 96 meters tall. The clock is 7 meters in diameter and the bell weighs 16 tons. Every hour the bell in Big Ben can be heard.

Buckingham Palace 
This is the residence and official workplace of the British royal family. One of the most interesting things to see in this palace that was built in 1703 is, of course, the changing of the guard, which takes place every day at 11am.

London Eye 
This is a Ferris wheel located on the banks of the River Thames. The height of the structure is 135 meters, shorter than the Singapore Flyer, which is 165 meters. It has 32 capsules for carrying passengers. 

The holiday in England is over. Abid is sad to say goodbye to his friends. Scott, Alice, and Bilal go with Abide the airport.

"Assalamu'alaikum" says Bilal,

"Bye, Abid Scott and Alice wave goodbye until Abid is out of sight.

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