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Story for Kids, it's Great to be Honest

Great to be Honest

"Mom. I'm sleepy. But I want you to read to me first," says Abid

"Yes, dear. Let's read a book. I just bought a new one." answers Mother

"Yay!. " Abid's eyes light up, and he runs and grabs Mother by the hand and leads her into his bedroom.

The mother begins the story:
Early in the morning on a clear Sunday, Bear, Rabbit, Monkey, Hedgehog, Skunk, Ostrich, and Deer go for a hike.

Today they are going camping. They each have brought a backpack with various supplies. "Let's watch out for each other, friends... Don't anyone get lost.." says the Bear, who is the leader.

In the afternoon, they finally reach their destination. It is a green meadow with tall trees on the banks of a sparkling river at the edge of a forest. It is a very beautiful place.

"I'm hungry," says Skunk, rubbing his chubby belly.

"Okay, we each have a job to do. Rabbit, prepare the food.

Hedgehog and Skunk set up the cooking equipment.

Deer and Ostrich, gather wood to make a campfire later, Monkey and I will set up the tent. We'd better be quick, It looks like it's going to rain," says Bear

Everyone quickly carries out Bear's instructions. "Get the tent out, Monkey.." says Bear. Suddenly Monkey's face goes pale. In a large bag, there is no tent. "Where is the tent?" says Bear sternly with a sharp gaze. "Yesterday you said you'd bring a tent."

Yeah, you said you had a good tent" adds Deer.

"S... sorry I wasn't honest with you. Actually, I don't have a tent... Monkey lowers his head. Everyone is disappointed in Monkey. In the end, they all use what they have to make a tent.

During the night there is a rainstorm and the makeshift tent leaks. Everyone is cold.

Please forgive me, my friends. Because I lied, I made you all suffer I promise I won't do it again " says Monkey. Bear and his friends all forgive Monkey, and they all shake hands. The camping trip becomes livelier when Monkey tells funny stories. The story is finished 

“Alhamdulillah, Monkey realizes his mistakes. You go to sleep now” says, Mother.

“Mother, I'm sorry,” says Abid suddenly, taking a puzzle out from under his pillow.

'I used the money you gave me for my savings to buy this puzzle this morning."
Abid lowers his head with tears in his eyes
"You're not angry?" asks Abid with surprise when he sees his mother's smile, 

"What you did was wrong. Alhamdulillah, you decided to be honest, Thank you for being honest with me..

But don't do it again, okay?" The mother hugs Abid, who feels ashamed and is crying,

Soon Abid is asleep. He feels much better after confessing,

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