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Story for Kids, I Take a Bath

Story for Kids, I Take a Bath

Abid and his family visit Uncle Ali at the foot of a mountain Abid Cow and Horse are having fun playing in the mud.

"So here you all are. Let's go take a bath. It's late!" says Hakim

"Wait I still want to play," says Abid.

"It's already afternoon," Hakim reminds his brother

"You catch a cold"

Horse and Cow bathe under the running water.

"The water is cold," says Horse

"Yes. Cold and refreshing," says Cow.

"I want to bathe too. Abid leaves the mudhole and walks into the bathroom

Under the shower, the forceful water rinses the mud off of Abid's body. Abid scrubs his hands, feet, and body until they're free of mud and clean. He takes the soup and washes his whole body, Like Horse and Cow, Abid files to play with the soap bubbles. 

Abid grabs the shampoo. smells good, Abid scrubs his hair. The shampoo drips into his eyes.

"Mother is right. It really stings if the shampoo gets in your eyes" says Abid, rinsing his eyes out.

Abid is all clean. 
Now it's time to brush his teeth. "Make sure to use enough toothpaste" Abid remembers his mother's words,
Abid comes out of the bathroom Horse and Cow notice how good he smells.

"You smell so good," says Hakim.

"I just took a shower, ha ha ha." 

"Horse and Cow don't smell that good," teases Hakim.

After bathing, Abid gets dressed.

Abid can dress, though he sometimes has difficulty fastening buttons.

Now take a look. Abid looks awesome!

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