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Story for Kids, I Learn The Days of The Week and The Month

I Learn The Days of The Week and The Month
I Learn The Days of The Week and The Month

Cow don't forget that we're going swimming later..." says Abid as he sits down next te Cow and Horse.

"Abid, today's Sunday. tomorrow is Monday. We are all going swimming at your school" explains Horse.
"Heres grabs some colored paper next to him. Written on the paper are the names of the days of the week. They all sing Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. Saturday, Sunday are the days of the week. Don't forget ... the day after tomorrow, Tuesday, you have a dentist's appointment in the afternoon" continues Horse.

*if today is Sunday, tomorrow is Monday, and the day after tomorrow is Tuesday. So, what day was yesterday, Mimi?" asks Horse teasingly.

Mimi looks at the order of the colored papers. Then she yells, "yesterday is Saturday!"

"Clever girl.," says Horse. Allah has given us seven days. All seven days make up a week. Then there are months and years," explains Horse in more detail.

"Abid, when were you born?" asks Cow.

"January 15," answers Abid proudly,

"Gugun and rest of you, when were you born?" asks Cow again.

"On August 26, I think," answers Gugun.

"I was born on November 5," replies Mimi.

"April 27," says Rara.

"My birthday is on December 1," says Memed.

"When were Cow and Horse born?" asks Abid.

"I was born on December 29 and Cow on February 7," answers Horse

"Now, let's all get in order," says Horse and tells the children to get in a line

Horse puts the children in the order of their birthdays. Because there are only 7 of them, Horse puts trees between them.

January, February March April May June July August, September, October, November, December.

"Mother says the Prophet was born in Rabiul Awal. It's not there," is Abid a little confused.

"Haha, That's the Islamic calendar, Bid. Also called Hijriyah. It starts with the months of Muharram then continues with Safar, Rabiul Awal, Rabiul Akhir, Jumadil Akhir, Rajab, Sya'ban, Ramadhan, Syawal, Dzulkaidah, and Dzulhijjah," Horse explains

The children all play with the days, dates, and months. It's fun to play with numbers and days. Now, let's see if you can put the months in the correct order.

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