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Story for Kids, I Eat Healthy Food

Story for Kids, I Eat Healthy Food
Abid's mother goes into Abid's room.

It seems Abid has a fever. His eyes are a bit glazed.

His lips are dry and cracked.

"My headaches and my throat hurt," says Abid slowly.

"Hmm. You just rest... I'll go get some warm water," says Mother.

Mother gives Abid some warm water with some honey in it.

"Honey is very good for you because it has vitamins and minerals in it. That's how honey can make us heal faster..." explains Mother

My throat hurts and my lips are bleeding," says Abid slowly.

"Hmm. You haven't been drinking enough water. You know that our bodies are mostly made of water, don't you?" "If we don't drink enough, we get weak and our lips become cracked and bleed like yours are now" explains Mother

"Yes, Mother, I haven't been drinking enough," says Abid faintly. "I feel like I'm going to throw up," says Abid, holding his stomach.

"What did you eat at school yesterday?" asks Mother as she rubs eucalyptus oil on Abid's stomach.

"Sorry, Mother. I had some snacks. I often don't eat the vegetables and fish you give me" Abid feels ashamed and embarrassed.

"I love you, Abid. I serve lots of fruits and vegetables so we are all healthy. "Our bodies also need protein. I always make tempeh, tofu or fish and meat, right? Sometimes the shape of fruits and vegetables correspond to the benefit they give us." The mother goes on.

"Take carrots, for example, Beta carotene and vitamin A are good for our eyes Let's cut open a carrot. The shape is like an eye, isn't it?" says Mother
"Ear mushrooms are rich in vitamin D, which is good for our hearing"
"Maybe they're called 'ear mushrooms' because they look like cars." explains Mother
"A tomato cut in half looks like our heart. Tomatoes actually have a substance called lycopene that is good for our hearts " explains Mother further

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