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Story for Kids, I Can Sleep by Myself

flying like a bird, story child
Abid is laughing at his Grandpa's house,

"You'll sleep here' says Grandpa

"By myself, Grandpa?" asks Abid

"Yen," answers Grandpa

Abid looks at the bed and climbs in. "What a soft bed!" he whispers softly

Abid then pulls up the blanket.

Not long after that Abid climbs out of bed and goes to find Grandpa

What's wrong?" asks Grandpa.

"I'm afraid, Grandpa. It's dark, and I saw something moving, like a monster," says Abid, his voice trembling.

Grandpa takes Abid back to his bedroom, turns on the light, and opens the curtains.

"There's no monster here. You probably saw the shadows of the branches blowing in the wind ..." says Grandpa.

"But I also heard strange voices. Screeching like giants, Grandpa," says Abid.

"Hmm. listen more closely. The trees move when they are blown by the wind and some of the branches are touching the roof. It's the sound of the branches scraping on the roof that makes that sound, right?"

Abid smiles ... in fact, there are no monsters or giants outside.

Suddenly Abid lets out a scream. "There's a bird sleeping, Grandpa," he says.

"Yes, Birds, the moon, stars.. all of them keep you company when you are asleep. And don't forget...angels are also always looking after you and are at your side," explains Grandpa.

"I want to be a bird, Grandpa," says Abid suddenly,

"OK," says Grandpa, letting out a little chuckle.

"After the bird flies in the sky, it perches on its nest," says Grandpa. "It's time for birds to rest" he explains,
"Now the bird is sleeping, Don't forget to say your prayers," says Grandpa, turning out the light in Abid's room

Abid closes his eyes. Grandpa leaves him alone.

A short while later Abid is dreaming of flying like a bird

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