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Story for Kids, First Aid for Rara

Story for Kids, First Aid
Hurray.. we're flying.." Cow is overjoyed when the hot air balloon goes higher and higher

"Coooow don't move around so much. It's crowded in here. I can hardly move," shouts Rara.

Slowly they all realize that the balloon is slowly descending. The wind blows and the hot air balloon crashes in an open field with a loud 'boom

" leg is bleeding," says Rara, almost crying.

Gugun whines and holds his head, which is bruised after hitting something hard.

"Oh . it stings." Memed looks at his arm, which is all red.

It seems that when the balloon crashed, he burned his arm.

"Whoa, look Abid's nose is bleeding, cries Mimi, a bit shocked.

"Astaghfirullah Everyone stay calm. Don't panic, Horse, please bring us the medicine from Mother" says Cow

Quickly Cow opens the medicine box. She takes out some ice, bandages, and medicine for wounds.

*Rara, please clean your wound with fresh water"

"Mimi, help Rara put pressure on her wound to stop the bleeding. After that, we will put some medicine on the wound and then apply a bandage "Cow barks out the instructions,

Horse takes the ice and places it on Gugun's head.

"Ice will help with bumps and bruises and also make it hurt less, You shouldn't press on or massage a bruise because it can lead to scarring. Here, take the ice, Gugun," says Horse

Cow takes Abid's leftover drinking water and pours it on Memed's burned arm. Then a wet bandage is placed over the burn.

"Memed, when it starts to feel better, put some of this honey on it, then put a clean bandage on it,' says Cow.

Abid sits according to Cow's instructions and puts pressure on his nose, Alhamdulillah, Abid's bloody nose has stopped,

"If you have a bloody nose you shouldn't lay down because the blood will flow faster. It's better to sit and lean forward a bit, breathing through your mouth" explains Cow.

Cow and Horse are busy looking after everyone's injuries. Abid and his friends look on in amazement because they had no idea how knowledgeable Cow and Horse are. Everyone thanks Cow and Horse.

"The one to thank is mother Fatma. She's the one who taught us how to treat wounds," says Horse. "Actually, this is the first time we've used what she taught us.

Alhamdulillah ." says Horse, a little embarrassed.

Story from the book "Little Abid"

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