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Story for Kids, Be a Confident Child

It is a busy morning. In an auditorium, visitors gather and eagerly watch a performance from the Little Star Kindergarten which is also witnessed by all the pupil's parents. 

Backstage, Ms. Risma helps the children who are performing to get ready. Mimi looks a bit pale. She has cold hands, "Teacher I'm nervous that I won't be able to sing."

Ms. Risma holds Mimi's hand and says slowly, Toke a deep breath. Here, drink some water. You can do it. Yesterday during rehearsal you sang so well"

"Yes, teacher. I also have stage fright, says Memed. "What if I forget my lines?" Memed feels quite anxious,

"Hey. Your costume looks fantastic. Insya Allah, you will act really well. If you forget the dialog, just say anything you want, Pretend that you're racing with Abid in the playground at school" Ms. Risma raises the pupil's enthusiasm

"Let's all pray together so that everything runs smoothly and the audience is happy," says Ms. Risma, smiling.

Story for Kids, Be a Confident Child
Now It's Abid and his friends turn to perform a drama called the Tortoise and the Hare"

In a forest sits an arrogant rabbit. His friends don't really like him because he bothers other animals,

"I will challenge the hare to a race tomorrow morning." says the tortoise suddenly. "If I lose, I will be the hare's servant for a month. But if the hare loses, he has to apologize to all of us and promise not to be so annoying any more..

"What? No way" says everyone, staring in disbelief.

The next day at the agreed place the race is ready to start. Everyone looks nervous, but the rabbit can be seen laughing and being generally overconfident.

"Ready. set..go!" An owl waves a flag and the race begins.

The hare darts away, followed by the slow-moving tortoise. 
"Come on, Tortoise. You can do it" The monkey and the other animals cheer on the tortoise, though they are not so confident. The hare laughs when he loses sight of the tortoise,

"Stupid tortoise. He won't finish the race until tonight," says the hare. He sits down and leans back in the shade of a tree. A small parrot sings a soothing melody, and the hare dozes off.

When the hare wakes up suddenly, he is shocked, He jumps up and rejoins the race. The hare is astounded to see the tortoise being congratulated by all his friends, Everyone is cheering because the tortoise has won the race.

In keeping with the agreement, the hare apologizes to all his friends. Show finished. The children greet all the visitors who look proud and happy.

"Thank you, children... I am proud of you all salad Mrs. Risma while hugging children one by one. Great really great. They appear very confident. Thank you Mrs, Risma for being pushed and convince our children that they can afford.”

“You're welcome. It's nice to see Mimi finally can sing very beautiful and Abid really being a turtle which is great" said Mrs. Riema,

All laughing, all happy.

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