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Positive Effects of Introducing the Concept of Time to Children

Positive Effects of Introducing the Concept of Time to Children

In everyday life, we as parents sometimes tell something using time. However, children have not been able to fully understand time. Well, for parents, introducing the concept of time to children is sometimes not as simple as we imagine. How many toddlers we replace the word "yesterday" with "first", or for example the word "tomorrow" with "later". Many parents just laugh, but do we know that introducing the concept of the right time to children under five turns out to have a very positive impact on their personality development?

Following are the positive effects that will be obtained by children if parents introduce the concept of time well, including

1. MAKE IT EASY TO CHILDREN TO KNOW THE ENTIRE CONCEPT OF THE ENTIRE, including knowing the concept of the clock in the future because his mindset has fundamentally formed about time.

2. INTRODUCING DISCIPLINE IN CHILDREN. Why? Because children will learn that today's agenda must be completed today, as well as the agenda that will be carried out later. That means the child knows the schedule simply.

3. TEACH MANAGEMENT TIME AS WELL AS POSSIBLE. When we talk to children tomorrow we leave for the beach at 7 in the morning, then indirectly the child must be able to think about what he must prepare before 7 o'clock in the morning. We as parents can help them by saying for example with the phrase "after the morning prayer, immediately take a shower and get ready yes" or "tonight everything you want to bring is prepared yes dear"

4. GROWING INTERPERSONAL INTELLIGENCE. With this, children will learn how to respect the interests of others and empathize with other people's business. Get used to telling our activities to the children, for example, "tomorrow dad is very busy in the office so I'm sorry if we come home a bit late"

5. GROWING A GRATEFUL FEEL OF CHILDREN that the time we spend is an extraordinary favor that God gives us.

Well, good luck father and mother. The concept of time will also be more easily introduced by reminding prayer times to our children because prayer time is the most important thing for the development of our children to teach about discipline. Good Luck ... !!!

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