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Need to Share All Family Secrets with Prospective Spouses?

Secrets with Prospective Spouses
Talking about family secrets, not everyone is brave enough to reveal family secrets to others, even to their partners. This is certainly reasonable because it is feared that these secrets can affect your partner's view of you and your family, to the quality of the relationship.

According to Huffington Post, no matter how small the secret you have, it should be shared with your partner. Because, according to two research experts from the United States, Hugh Follett Ph.D., and George Abraham, Ph.D., a secret related to trust in a relationship. Both also mentioned that deliberately hiding a secret (from a partner) can make the relationship so unhealthy.

If indeed sharing a family secret matter to a partner is what needs to be done, then the question is, is it necessary to share this secret with a couple who are not yet bound in marriage?

According to the Clinical Psychologist & Relationship Expert, Denrich Suryadi, M. Psi, the best advice for this problem is knowing first how far the relationship has gone. If your relationship goes in a serious direction and your partner's status is a potential husband or wife, then according to Denrich sharing family secrets is the thing to do.

"However he will be a part of our lives and he needs to know the weak side of the family we have," Denrich said during an interview with the KumparanWOMAN on Sunday (3/15) yesterday.

According to Denrich, sharing family secrets with a prospective husband or wife can make us know the response, whether he is ready to accept us as we are (with lack of family-owned) or vice versa.

"Because every family has their own stories. There is no perfect family, "he continued.

However, Denrich appealed if your partner is still a girlfriend or still a candidate, then telling about family secrets is something that does not need to be done.

"It's not yet time to share stories, because we don't know the (prospective boyfriend) very well," concluded Denrich.

What do you think, ladies? Is telling a family secret to a potential partner is something that needs to be done?

source : Kumparan