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Like an Illness, These Parental Habits Are Easily "Transmitted" to Children

Diseases such as influenza are easily transmitted to the closest people around you, especially very easily transmitted to children. But make no mistake, it turns out it's not just a disease that can be transmitted to children. Your habits and behavior as parents are also very easily transmitted to children.

Habits of Parents that are Contagious to Children
According to Dr. Bryan Bruno, Medical Director at Mid City TMS,
habits and behavior of a person is very influenced by the environment and habits of parents who have been indirectly passed down in childhood through parenting patterns in children.

Then, what habits and behaviors are very contagious and imitated by children?

Habits of Parents that are Contagious to Children
Habits of Parents Managing Stress
How do you manage stress? Is it by crying, screaming, angry, silent, or maybe by showing a glum face to all family members at home? All the habits that you do in managing stress are easily transmitted to children. For example, when you manage stress with anger, the child will imitate it. Children will tend to vent their stress by getting angry at people around them, exactly as you do them.

Habits of Parents to Manage Finances
Do you consider children to be very wasteful in managing finances and often spend the money they just received for less important needs? Well, lest this child's habits are also transmitted from your habits as a parent. Knowingly or not, your habits in managing personal finances will also be imitated by children easily. For example, how do you spend your monthly salary, how do you save and how do you set aside some of that money for sudden needs. Well, if you are not able to manage finances well and tend to be wasteful, then most likely this habit can be transmitted to children.

Parent's Mindset About Money
Parents 'habits in managing finances are also influenced by parents' mindset about money. Examples of the habits of parents who think that money can solve everything, money must be spent, and other unhealthy mindsets. All these mindsets about money can later be transmitted to children. Do not be surprised if children also have the same mindset about money, just like the mindset that is owned by parents.

The Habit of Parents who Are Too Anxious
Everyone must have felt anxious. But what if anxiety becomes your habit as a parent? It could be your habit that is always anxious about everything transmitted to children. Children will often worry about how their first day of school is, worrying about the End of Semester Exams and other worries.

Food Picking Parents' Habits
The habit of parents who are picky about food is also very easy to spread to children. Parents who always choose not to eat vegetables, choose not to like strong-smelling foods, or do not like foods with a certain texture, then children who see parental eating habits will also follow these habits.

Parents' Habits of Self-Control
Another parent habit that is very contagious to children is the habit of parents in controlling themselves. Controlling yourself in question is how parents deal with certain circumstances in their lives. For example, what do parents do when they have to choose to get things done in an already but risky or difficult way with little risk. In this case, how the habits of parents in solving a problem will also be copied and transmitted to children.

Habits of Parents Difficult to Express Themselves
Parents who have difficulty expressing themselves can also be followed by children. Some parents find it difficult to express themselves positively so that they often show the wrong expressions. Such as when a child falls, there are parents who, instead of helping, even scold children for being careless. This habit is often imitated by children when they grow up.

Parents who Difficult to Communicate Well
Some parents are unable to communicate and interact properly. Often seem indifferent to others or tend to be curt when talking. This habit will indirectly decrease and spread to children. Later, when their adult children will also repeat the habits they have learned from their parents since childhood. This is unfortunate because usually children do not have many friends and tend to be ostracized by others.

Parents Who Have Unhealthy Relationships
Some parents do not have healthy relationships as often underestimate each other with inappropriate words, do not respect each other as husband and wife, etc. All the habits that these parents have will also be contagious and impact on the child's relationship with his partner when he grows up. Children who see unhealthy relationships from parents will also behave the same as their future partners. Isn't this a pity?

Rough Habits of Parents
Abusive habits that children see from parents such as saying rude, like to hit, often yelling at other family members, it turns out very easily imitated by children. These habits are easily transmitted to children because from childhood he lived with that environment.

Habits of Parents Who Are Not Able To Say Sorry
Are you difficult or unable to say sorry? Does your child imitate him too? If so, then you should immediately change these habits. Get used to saying sorry to others if you have a certain mistake. That way, your habit of saying sorry can be transmitted to children.

Habits of Parents Who Are Not Able To Resolve Problems
Many parents out there find it difficult to solve problems or conflicts. Maybe because they cannot communicate well, or indeed do not have healthy relationships with other people. Whatever the reason, if you include parents who have difficulty in solving problems, then the child will get this bad habit. Children's habits or behaviors are very much influenced by the surrounding environment. That is why parents must provide a positive environment for children.

Parents are also required to teach children positive habits in life so that they can imitate and learn from these habits until adulthood.

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