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Let the Children Play Alone!

Children Play Alone
Encouraging children to play together with friends is very important. By playing with friends, children's language skills, and social skills with friends also begin to develop. But did Parents know, that letting children play alone is equally important?

Leaving children playing alone also has various benefits for the child's development. Some of the benefits of playing alone (independent play) are as follows:

Benefits of Letting Children Play Alone!
1. Provides Opportunities to Manage Emotions
Allows the child to play alone, allows the child to rest, calm the mind, and regulate emotions. Too many opportunities to play with friends with all the toys and sounds that appear make children more reactive. So it feels natural if children are often angry because they are overwhelmed with emotions that exist in themselves.

For this reason, children need to have independent playtime. This condition will help children regulate the emotions that exist in him. This is the first benefit of playing alone that parents need to understand.

2. Increasing Social Independence
Another benefit of letting a child play alone is helping the child improve social independence. This social independence is important to be developed by children from an early age. The goal is that children do not only depend on friends when playing. Children can choose a game that is fun for him, even though the game is not liked by his friends. Children can be more independent to play alone.

So, if the child is absorbed in playing with his toys while talking to himself, then the parents need not worry because the child is developing their social independence.

3. Developing a Confidence Attitude
Want to make your child confident? Let the children play alone!
This suggestion may seem cruel, but believe that by playing alone children have the freedom to do new things, test their hypotheses for something, and take risks from their choices. This condition will make children feel more confident. This is another benefit of playing alone for children.

4. Increasing Independence
Through playing alone, children will understand that there is not always someone who accompanies them to play. Sometimes, children must be independent and play with their toys. That is why children need to practice to be comfortable with themselves and comfortable to play alone. That way, independence will form by itself.

5. Become a Better Learner
Children who have the opportunity to play alone, tend to be more focused and have a longer attention span. Children are also able to regulate emotions that are beneficial for academic success. So, parents need to encourage children to play educational games.

6. Improving Children's Imagination
Another benefit of letting a child play alone is helping the child improve his imagination. Through imagination, logical thinking will begin to emerge. Children will begin to question, dream, strengthen what is experienced and observed. Through independent play, children can learn anything.

So do you still feel guilty about letting your child play alone? It's better to throw away the guilt of Parents because playing alone is important!

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