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Is Trauma the same as Fear?

Is Trauma the same as Fear?
"Since he was always bullied by friends at school, Andy refused to go to school. Could he be traumatized? "

As parents, we naturally feel worried when your child experiences a traumatic event. Especially if the traumatic event disrupts their daily activities. Well, the question that arises is whether trauma is the same as fear.

Trauma is different from fear. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, trauma is a collection of experiences that imprint and cause feelings of discomfort in a person which is usually reflected in inappropriate behavior when it comes to certain stimuli. While fear is anxiety about the real object and generally occurs when the object is confronted by the child.

What Triggers Trauma in Children?
  1. Unpleasant experiences/treatments such as sexual, physical, emotional violence that are obtained in the home, school, etc. lost someone, accident
  2. Live in a war or refuge area
  3. Seeing others become objects of violence

What are the (emotional) Signs Arising from Trauma?
  1. Surprised. Someone who is traumatized usually does not believe that a disaster or event has occurred.
  2. Afraid. Someone will feel scared after the trauma. For example, fear of death, fear of repeating events
  3. Helplessness. Someone feels no control over something.
  4. Sadness. Feel sad to lose something valuable
  5. Isolation. Feel no one understands our situation.
  6. Angered and frustrated
  7. Guilty feeling. "If you hadn't taken the bus there would have been no accident."
  8. Nightmare. Always dreaming about events that occur.

What are the (Physical) Signs Arising from Trauma?
  1. Difficult to concentrate
  2. No appetite includes weight loss.
  3. Increased heart rate
  4. Decreased achievement in school
  5. Withdraw from family and friends
  6. Stomach ache
  7. Headache
  8. Nausea and vomiting
  9. Dizziness or headache
  10. Signs of trauma in children

What do parents need to do to deal with trauma to children?
1. Realizing Trauma
Understand trauma to children and always remind children that we are there for them. Do not forget to provide an understanding that parents will always provide support to children.

2. Encourage children to always be close to family
Always remind children that they can tell everything to their parents and immediate family.

3. Make routine activities
Don't forget to make routine activities for children so they feel more comfortable and safe together with their parents.

4. Stay by your side patiently
Parents are expected to continue to accompany the child patiently, even if the child experiences a change in behavior.

5. Limit chat related to traumatic matters
Especially for children aged 6/7 years and under, you should avoid talking about things that trigger traumatic events in children. As for older children, parents can start to talk about traumatic things through games, stories, or pictures. The goal is that children can deal with traumatic events slowly

Traumatic events can be experienced by children and cause their daily activities to disrupt. Well, if the child experiences certain physical and emotional signs due to traumatic events, you should immediately consult the child's trauma to the experts.

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