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Can Dyslexic Children be Successful?

Dyslexia is a learning disorder related to a child's reading ability. This learning disorder occurs because of abnormalities in genes that affect the part of the brain that regulates language, can also be influenced by environmental factors, heredity also found in the case of children with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)

Can Dyslexic Children be Successful?

As a result of Dyslexia, children will have difficulty learning to read. Dyslexic children often have difficulty recognizing the difference between "b" and "d" or hard to distinguish words such as "nails" from "hammer".

Regarding Dyslexic patients, parents are often wrongly responsive. This learning disorder is not a mental disorder. Although the cause cannot be detected and will continue to suffer for a lifetime, it does not mean that dyslexic patients cannot be successful. If you look deeper, many public figures also suffer from Dyslexia.

Great figures of the world, such as Albert Einstein, Walt Disney, and Tom Cruise, are people who suffer from Dyslexia. Despite their shortcomings, they can still be successful. Their success exceeds ordinary people.

For this reason, even though the child has dyslexia, Parents do not have to surrender and give up especially pessimism. This is an opportunity to guide your children well so that they have the opportunity to learn and show their potential, the same opportunities as other children.

Dyslexic Children Have Great Potential

According to many experts, dyslexic children have great potential. Most dyslexic children have normal or above-average intelligence abilities. Dyslexia is not related to a person's level of intelligence.

Unfortunately, many people think that Dyslexic children have mental disorders, special needs, etc. Then, because of this false assumption, they become mistaken for treatment and instead become inferior.

Through proper handling is key. With proper handling, children who have Dyslexia will still be able to learn to read and write well, some are even better than children who do not have this disorder.

Neurological-based dyslexia

This type of dyslexia is not caused by ignorance, wrong teaching methods, lack of motivation, poor economic background, visual impairment, or other disorders. Neurological-based dyslexia. That is, the dyslexic child's brain has a different way of processing information related to words.

The way dyslexic children process information or words is different from children in general. The main problems that arise only relating to reading, spelling, and also writing. On the other hand - although not all - they have a positive side, namely the ability or skills in other learning areas. Their ability is even above average.

Signs of Dyslexia Children

Genetic factors are also suspected to be one of the causes of dyslexia. Families with a history of dyslexia should be more vigilant because their children may also suffer the same disorder. More than that, the symptoms of Dyslexia are so numerous that it is often difficult to detect.

Symptoms of Dyslexia in early childhood:

1. Too late to talk

2. Difficulty learning new words (hard to spell, hard to remember)

3. Having learning difficulties since childhood

The above symptoms do not necessarily indicate a child suffering from Dyslexia. Signs of Dyslexia will usually appear clearly when the child enters school age. Some signs of dyslexia in school-age children are as follows.

  1. Ability to read below the average age of children
  2. Difficulty processing words or sentences and understanding what is heard
  3. Trouble understanding instructions quickly
  4. Difficulty seeing or hearing the similarities and differences of letters in words and their phonology.
  5. Difficulty remembering things in their ordeR
  6. Difficulty Spelling

Dyslexia Diagnosis Process

For ordinary people, it is very difficult to detect Dyslexia due to various symptoms. Symptoms that appear in every dyslexic child are different. For that, it needs the help of a doctor or psychologist specifically to find out whether the child has dyslexia or not.

However, before seeing a doctor or specialist, as a parent, you must find out in advance what are the advantages and disadvantages of children. This process is done through games, such as puzzles. You can also ask for help from the teacher at school.

Doctors and psychologists will also consider many factors before determining whether a child has dyslexia or not. Some factors to consider include family history, development, education, and health of children, conditions at home, filling out questionnaires, and a series of tests to check the child's ability to understand information, read, remember, and speak children.

After a child is tested positive for Dyslexia, the doctor or psychologist will provide appropriate treatment steps. As explained above, even if a child has dyslexia, it does not mean he is stupid. Conversely, children have a great opportunity to succeed than others. With notes, the handling must be correct.

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