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Are children Too Late to Walk? Maybe This Is The Cause

children Too Late to Walk
Seeing a child's development can be a fun activity and a little worrying. Worried because parents do not want children to experience developmental delays in any form, including delays in walking.

Waiting for the child to walk can indeed make your heart pound, Parents. Especially if we have also done stimulation for the little one walking. But what if the stimulation does not give maximum results? Is the child running late? What are the signs that need to be considered in children who are late walking?

Parents know the signs of delay in walking in children. Parents need to understand the stage of development of normal motor movements in children. Here are the steps:

Stage of Development of Normal Motor Movement
6-8 months
Sit and crawl

12-18 months
Standing unassisted, walking by creeping tables, chairs and other furniture, walking 2 or 3 steps without assistance, walking 10-20 minutes without assistance

18-24 months
Start walking without difficulty, pulling even carrying toys while walking, going up and down the chair without help, start to find a way to walk backward.

24-36 months
Usually begin to climb stairs, walk up and downstairs with one foot at a time, and can start walking on tiptoe

Signs of Children Walking Too Late

√ Walk After More Than 18 Months
Parents usually don't realize the delay in walking a child. Until the child really can not walk after entering the age of more than 18 months. The delay category also varies from mild to severe. It all depends on how fast the child can walk at a certain age. For example, new children can walk after the age of 18 months-24 months. This category is considered a mild delay category.

For children who can only walk at the age of 24 months - 32 months. So it is said to experience a delay running heavy. This severe delay is usually accompanied by a poor balance in children.

Meanwhile, for children who cannot walk at 32 months. Then including running late is very heavy. This severe delay is generally accompanied by disorders of the central nervous system.

√ Can not Crawling Until the age of 12 Months or More
Before a child can walk, some things are naturally experienced by babies. Including crawling. Well, Parents need to be vigilant if the baby has not been able to crawl until he is almost or reaches 12 months.

√ Balance Disorders
Delay in walking is usually accompanied by an impaired balance in children. For example, afraid of toys that move or sway like a swing, easy to fall and stumble, the child can not hold his head while sitting.

Why Are Children Too Late to Walk?

√ Lack of Opportunities to Walk
Sometimes the delay in walking is because the child lacks the opportunity to try to walk. For example, children are always placed in a baby walker or baby exerciser. Reporting from, Gay Girolami, a physical therapist, more often looks at environmental factors in children who experience delays in walking.

According to him, the child's environment is very important and influences how quickly and slowly a child can walk. Girolami added that parents who are too busy at work often put their babies on "baby walkers". So that when children are taught to stand up, the pelvic floor muscles cannot work optimally.
√ No Motivation for Children
Yes, children who are too often carried and taken whatever they want do not have the motivation to walk. How not, the child may assume that without even walking he is very comfortable being served by parents or caregivers.

√ Child's nerves are not yet mature
The delay in walking in children may be affected by the arrangement of the nerves that are not yet mature. The ability of children to do gross motor movements such as walking, running, jumping, and even kneeling is greatly influenced by the nervous system that controls these motor movements. So that if there is interference with the nervous system that regulates movement, the child may be late walking.

Keg Overweight babies and babies who are too thin
Children who experience delays in walking can be caused by excess weight or a child's body that is too thin. The weight factor can cause children to walk late because the muscles can not work optimally for babies who are too fat and too thin.

How to handle it?

Perform an examination
The wisest thing to do when Parents know the delay in walking in children is to consult with a doctor. That way Parents will find out the exact cause of delay in walking in children. So that proper handling of children who are late walking can be done immediately.

What do doctors do?
Some of the Parents may be curious, what kind of examination will be done by a doctor, related to the delay in walking in children. Well, the doctor will begin to examine the main causes of delay in walking in children.

The doctor will perform a neurological examination and assessment of the child's reflexes, posture, muscle tone in Parents' children. Besides, the doctor will also consider other development issues. Such as language development, fine motor skills, and social skills.

A physical examination will also be done by doctors, such as asking children to walk. The doctor will begin to look and try to find out about the child's motor development.

When the doctor realizes, the Parents' child has stiff limbs. The doctor will refer to a neurologist (pediatric neurologist). If the doctor is aware of delays in other areas, including language and fine motor skills in children. The doctor will refer to the child's parents to a developmental pediatrician.

  1. Pay attention to the child's development. For example when a child starts rolling, crawling, standing, climbing to walk.
  2. Give children a chance to walk
  3. Give children the motivation to walk. For example by providing a stimulus to learn to walk in children.
  4. Consult a doctor immediately. If you notice running delays in children
Any delay in walking can be experienced by anyone. Therefore, attention from parents is needed. That way parents can easily find out if there are disturbances in children's health including delays in walking. Do not hesitate to consult with your doctor, as soon as Parents find out there is a disturbance in the process of walking your child.

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