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Tips For Healthy and Strong Children's Teeth

Healthy and Strong Children's Teeth

Mom and Dad, when children have teeth, we as parents need to provide stimulation so that children can take care of their limbs properly. But all steps begin from us as parents to set an example so that our children can appreciate and be grateful for what has been given by God, including their body members. Besides, this can also be an activity that can stimulate so that children can develop their intrapersonal intelligence by giving children an understanding that teeth are a very important part of humans.

Why healthy teeth are very important for humans, especially children who are in their infancy. Of course, without teeth, we will have difficulty chewing food and can only swallow food that is liquid or very soft. Besides, please note that the process of chewing food is a process that is very important for the body's metabolism. The enzymes from the mouth that come out when we chew will be needed by the intestines of the stomach and other body parts to digest. Not only that to chew food, but teeth are also very necessary to talk. And for us, without our teeth, we will not be able to say the words perfectly and clearly. For example, some meeting letters can sound due to the meeting of the tongue and teeth. For example, the letter "T". How can we say without the help of our tongue and teeth? And for that, we need to help and give children a correct understanding from the start to keep their teeth well. 

Here are tips for children to keep their teeth with three things:
1. Eat healthy foods. 
Healthy food can not only help the growth of children but also help increase children's endurance. Mom, try not to give too many children foods that contain lots of sugar and it should not be to eat foods that are too hot or too cold, and remember if the food is hot, don't blow it.

2. Clean the teeth by brushing them properly at least after every meal and use enough dental floss once a day. Tell children not to use toothpicks because they can actually damage the tooth structure.

3. Check the teeth to the dentist at least once every 6 months. 
This one step may often be considered not too important by some parents. However, by checking our children's teeth to the doctor can provide a good medical picture as a preventive step in the future.

Mom and Dad, hopefully, our children will be with us to take care of their teeth because their baby teeth will soon be dated and will only be replaced once in their lifetime.

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