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Tips How to Encourgae and Help Toddler Talk Quickly

Can we connect with others without the need to communicate? The answer is, of course not possible. Communication requires language both spoken and written language, both sign language or body language or also called body language, as well as everyday conversation. That is why many parents are very eager to teach their babies to talk and diligently invite them to socialize so that their children can then be able to speak and speak well.

According to Eliason (1994), the place for developing human language abilities begins in infancy and relies on its role in language experience, mastery, and growth. Children learn languages ​​from infancy and before learning to talk, they communicate through crying, smiling, and body movements.

Language learning is a very crucial thing that happens before the age of 6 years. In the theory of multiple intelligences, linguistic intelligence falls into the word smart category. Then, what can we do to Encourage or to Help Toddler Talk Quickly

First, talk to your child often. Try, when talking we look into their eyes.

Second, read a storybook for him/her. Sentences in the storybook will add to the child's language vocabulary.

Third, teach the child to recognize who he is from, like his name, date of birth, father's and Bunda's name, home address, the telephone number that can be contacted, and others. In addition to personal interests, these things are also important when one day, for example, children are separated from us while in a crowd of people.

Fourth, ask about our children's daily activities. For example, by asking, was the food tasty or not? Play with anyone today? What do you think of our new neighbors? etc.

Fifth, keep communicating. If we are parents who work full time (working mom and dad) keep communicating with children even if only by telephone.

Mother and father, children who have good language and communication skills will usually become more confident children amid their environment. So, from now on, use the tips above tips to help make children speak according to their age, yes, mother of the father.

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