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Here are Tips for Our Children to Take a Bath and Always Keep Themselves Clean

Not only for bodily hygiene, but bathing is also a necessity that can keep the body from disease. Yes, that's what makes us have to take a shower every day. Usually, all people both young and old even up to the children shower twice a day. Generally, bathing is done in the morning and evening/night. People who have hygiene physical will pass the day well. Well, that is what we have to teach our children to love shower from childhood.

Mother and father, one of the independence that must be instilled early on is independence in maintaining the cleanliness of the body. When children can maintain their health by maintaining the cleanliness of the body, in fact, it is a life skill that is soft skills while how they behave towards clothing is a hard life skill. Mother and Father, one way to maintain bodily hygiene is to take a shower. Then how can we teach or educate our children to be happy to maintain personal hygiene by bathing? Bathing can be the moment awaited by children if we succeed in creating a pleasant shower.

Hereabouts are tips for our children to take a bath and always keep themselves clean:
First, understand that bathing is a water play activity. The average child really likes water. So, occasionally let them enjoy the bath by playing soap foam or providing funny toys in the bathroom.

Second, train children to take a shower twice a day. Storybooks, children's videos about bathing can really help us show what they should do every day. Give an example by reading a book, watching a video about, for example, if we don't take a shower, germs, and dirt on the skin can continue to persist and cause disease. For Newborns, generally, newborns may be bathed at any time, as long as it does not interfere with their sleep and eating. The best time to bathe the baby is in the morning, around 6 to 8 in the morning.

Third, Tell children that bathing will make their friends like them. Bathing makes the body fresh clean and fragrant so that other friends want to play with our children.

Fourth, do not comment that it is not important. For example "his back is still not clean" or "how come his feet have not been rubbed?". Because it will only cause our children to be lazy to bathe themselves and choose to be bathed so that no protests interfere with them.

Fifth, help children dress up gradually by letting them do it themselves. Indicate which clothing to wear during the day and which to wear in the afternoon.

Sixth, respect the clothes chosen by children even though we don't think the colors match. Delay to criticize them and make sure the rest of the children also see that their Bund father is diligent in bathing and cleaning the body.

Mother and Father, those are tips for our children to maintain personal hygiene so that they can grow up healthy and clean and have good soft skills and hard skills by the age of growth.

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