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Six Ways to Maintain Our Routines so We Don't Always Feel Bored at Home

It has been several months since the first case of Covid19 hit all over the world. since then we have been asked by the government in a disciplined manner to remain at home, work, and learn from home. Of course, this will make some people feel bored with the existing routine. Here are six ways to maintain our routines so we don't always feel bored at home.

1. Prepare as if you are going to leave the house
Under normal circumstances, it's hard to argue that there is something beautiful about those rare days when we are at home, where you can wake up late, keep wearing your pajamas/nightgowns and sit around the house without worrying about work or school. However, in the current atmosphere, finding some sort of routine while at home can be more important than before. So on weekdays, getting up, dressing, washing, and eating breakfast can give us a normal feeling when we have to work and study from home. But we don't have to wear work or school uniforms or cool shoes. When we try to prepare for the day as if we were going to work or school, from waking up to breakfast, this will give us hope that today will be as productive and active as usual.

2. Exercise regularly
It is well known that exercise is good for us. This can help improve mood and reduce anxiety, can increase energy, and usually leads to a better night's sleep. So, finding a fun exercise routine that you can do is important. If the practice is still right for you and you can avoid contact with others, then do it. In addition, you can also go out for a walk around the yard of your house. There are many videos on YouTube to help families be active and have fun together.

3. Create a daily schedule for all family members
This can be a specific or flexible activity, depending on what is most suitable for your family. Discuss and make it together and write it somewhere in the house where everyone can see it. Don't forget to include breaks for each family member - either together or alone. If you are a parent, include activities that you will do - especially if you work from home - so the children know when you work from home and when you can spend time with them.

4. Limit time with Gadgets
It is easy to finish schoolwork or work. It is also effortless to immediately stop our work while at home by opening the mobile screen to just relax for a moment. However, if we are at home all day, it is a great opportunity for us to change this habit. For many people, telephone usage will continue to rise, because voice and video calls are beneficial to stay socially connected. If you play games online, you can be with your family to play traditional games. If you explore social media endlessly, you can re-read books or start keeping a diary. Finally, you can always find new hobbies to keep you entertained. You might need two minutes on Google for this one ...

5. Eat at the table
Eating together (whether you have a table or not) is a great way to have quality, uninterrupted time, and quality together to talk and listen. You might have small children around, and if so, this can be a good thing to improve their communication skills and maintain eye contact. For any relationship, this time, eating and talking about what is happening in your life helps build emotional connections. If you don't have a table, make an Indonesian-style meal and I think we know very well about it.

6. For remote workers, find a special workspace at home
Separating work from the rest of your routine helps maintain healthy boundaries and maintains focus throughout the workday. Closing the door in your home workspace ensures the line between work and family. It would be very easy to use the living room for work, rest, eating, and sleeping. Moving jobs to different places only help separate the different parts of the day.

We know millions of people face a long time away from work, so finding a new way to live is important. But of course, there are many in the frontline communities who do not have this option - those in the health, shipping drivers, service industries, emergency services and others. We are very grateful for the people who kept us going.

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