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Being Good Parents in 15 Ways

In short, parenting is a process of caring for and supporting the physical, emotional, social, and intellectual development of a child from childhood to adulthood. It is not enough just to "make children" - but rather to be considered parents - whether as mothers or fathers - ensure that their children have all aspects of their lives well educated and nurtured - both the temporal aspect and also the spiritual arena - with the best ability of parents.

There are three main areas that parents need to pay attention to when they take on great responsibilities as parents of their children to make them the best human beings. This is a basic living requirement and is a necessity for everyone, without which life can potentially be chaotic and far from good.

1. Physical Security & Development: Safety of the body and life of the child
Everyone needs to have safety and security and for this. Protecting and caring for the physical are very important aspects that must be the full attention of parents.

2. Intellectual Development & Security: The conditions under which a child's mind can develop
It is not enough to be 'physically safe' but a person must also have intellectual security - they must live with the knowledge that they are given the tools to grow and mature mentally and that they will be protected from intellectual danger and crime.

3. Emotional Security & Development: To help protect children's lives
At the third level, children especially need to be given emotional security so that they can plant their roots and grow up into young men and women, while being given emotional security, and this aspect is largely formed when at home, under someone's care. immediate family, extended family, and friends who are contacted every day.

Lesson 1: Play with your children - AS CHILDREN!
Anyone who has or is around children must play with them as a child. An important part of the game for children is playing with their parents, and there must be time for this every day. A toy company a few years ago asked a large number of five-year-olds what they wanted for a vacation, and their survey found that many children want more time with their parents!

It's NOT about how many games or toys you get from your kids, it's not about having the latest video game system and an 80 "LCD TV to play it; it's not about how many satellite dishes and thousands of" on-demand "TV channels you have to give your children also, not about anything else THOUGHT you want them to - if the survey mentioned above is true, then the children just want MORE TIME with their parents.

Oftentimes, parents are too busy with work commitments, business trips, personal involvement, and trying to save the world and they don't have enough time for their children so they let them be babies with electronic devices. This is a very easy and affordable way to "deal" with our children, but breaking away from our children and their daily lives will surely cause problems in the future. "Today" fathers or mothers do not have time for their children to find that tomorrow when their children are teenagers, they will not have time for their parents.

Lesson 2: Keep Your Promise!
Parents must have a love for children and show compassion to them and when you promise something to them, then fulfill your promise because they do not recognize you except as someone who supports them.

Children live in their emotions, and when they hear something promised to them, they become very excited. They can imagine the promise that happened and keep it with the mind in a way that is far more powerful than we can. For this reason, they will never forget what you promised them! So, don't think about making promises that you might not be able to keep.

How many times have we as parents used the car to travel out of town and sometimes during our trip, children begin to get bored or agitated after being in the car for so long. They start to fuss and to calm them down or "keep quiet", the father will promise the kids ice cream or donuts or toys so that they just "shut up".

But once the children return to play and the opportunity arises for the father or mother to fulfill their promises, the parents do not fulfill the promise and sometimes do not comply with the promise they have agreed to! In many cases, the only reason parents or caregivers make false promises are to keep children calm and parents have no desire or intention to fulfill their promises.

after the baby is born, what are the main responsibilities parents must carry to raise children into responsible and godly adults? Let's talk about some critical areas related to raising children into responsible Muslim adults.

1. Give Name:
Giving children a good name following Islamic tradition is the primary responsibility of parents.

2. Care:
This is the right of children to be cared for: Mothers must care for and breastfeed their children for two full years. Parenting is very important to strengthen family ties, especially between mother and child. There are so many scientifically proven benefits to breastfeeding. Now it is a fact that breastfeeding has broad physical psychological implications for the development of children's health and personality.

3. Expenditures:
Parents are obliged to send their children in the right way to raise them properly. It is sufficient sin for a person to ignore those to whom he is obliged to support him. " However, many Muslim parents fail and deliberately ignore this. Such parents must be reminded that they are obliged to carry out this task in the fullest sense.

4. Fair treatment:
One of the rights of children is to treat them fairly. Parents should treat all the same without giving preference to their children based on gender or other criteria. This is an unfair treatment, which evokes feelings of jealousy and hatred for children which often lasts a lifetime. It also makes children feel bitter towards their parents. It is true to say, that if you want all your children to respect you equally, then be equally fair to all of them.

5. Bonding with Children:
Knowing that fathers are directly involved in character building, it is important to develop strong bonds with children. Parents are encouraged to handle it in the best way. The first words that Luqman Hakeem used were "Ya Bunayya: O my son!" Therefore, parents need to treat them with love and compassion. Children who receive good care are expected to love and respect their parents and parents as they grow older.

6. Communicating with Children:
Frequent communication is the basis of parent-child relationships. This will greatly strengthen the child's parent relationship. Parents must give their children constant love, support, and encouragement. It is also important to understand that parents need to be gentle and be friends with their children. Winning children's confidence must be a primary concern for parents. They must feel comfortable as far as they wish to spend time with us.

Fathers need to spend more time with their children. Not allowed not to be with family without clear goals. If the head of the household is busy away from his family, reduces his presence at home, and does not sit with them, he will not be able to teach and guide them. A review of the impact of fatherhood by the "US National Institute" on Child Health and Human Development shows that children with involved fathers have better social skills, perform better academically, and are less likely to have behavioral problems in the future. Once again, scientific research proves the wisdom of Islamic teachings.

7. Providing Good Education & Training:
Another important thing, which is one of the children's rights that must be considered, is to educate and train them. The acquisition of knowledge is an obligation for men and women. This knowledge is very important for children's development. Parents need to know that their main task is to care for their children, physically, emotionally, spiritually, and intellectually. Education plays an important role in all this and is more important for women to know because of their position in the family.

8. Teaching Rights of fellow living beings:
It is also important for our children to learn what the rights of Muslim brothers and sisters are from an Islamic perspective. This is very important for children who are raised in a culture that is contrary to Islamic culture. Therefore, children must be taught to respect and obey their parents, maintain good relations with relatives, and neighbors.

9. Guiding children to choose their idols:
It is the main task of parents to guide their children to choose their idols wisely. Parents must emphasize the need to choose role models from good people. Children must feel a strong urge to learn about the right personality that spends their entire lives. Our job is to plant the seeds of respect for such personalities at an early stage.

It is also important for parents to understand that they present themselves as role models for their children because children see their parents as the first role model. This is why it is very important for parents to constantly strive to develop godly character. One of the most important rules in parenting is that children don't hear, they see. Therefore, parents must understand that from an early age a child learns to imitate their parents' every action.

So if a child sees his parents doing all good deeds, he will automatically try to do the same thing. Likewise, if a child sees a parent doing all bad deeds, he will follow.

10. Develop skills to get the Right Income (Legitimate):
Parents must help their children make the right choices to make a living through legal means. It is unfortunate that parents who show a very strong commitment by spending a lot of time, effort, and resources to help their children gain knowledge and skills to excel in professional careers, fail to take the time to teach their children the importance of getting halal income sustenance. Parents must emphasize the need for their children to pursue a career path that can only give them a good life (legal).

11. Character Building:
Parents must teach their children the importance of decent values ​​such as charity, altruism, empathy, peace, and justice from an early age so that they become part of their habits. We need to help our children learn behavioral traits, which are very helpful in dealing with difficult situations. Practically, we can put into our children this behavior by allowing them to volunteer and spend time with disadvantaged people.

12. Creating a Positive Learning Environment at Home:
Every child is born with a tendency to believe in the Creator of the world. Environmental factors that shape their attitudes and behavior. They observe and absorb everything around them. If the learning environment at home is positive then the Child will develop true faith and will try to please Allah and it will be easy for him to develop Islamic thoughts and behavior easily. The primary responsibility of parents is to maintain this nature.
It is also important for parents to present themselves as role models so that children can watch them practice what they advise. Children get conflicting messages and therefore get confused when they don't see parents and parents following the instructions they give them. As a result, they do not heed the demands of parents.

A good environment plays an important role in children's development. Required from couples to work in their married life for the sake of their children. Husband and wife provide examples of married life to their children. Parental behavior has a major influence on the child's developing beliefs and attitudes. Couples must avoid conflicts in front of children because they have many negative effects on them.

There must be a study circle arrangement in the house that covers a variety of topics. All family members at home should be encouraged to participate actively in it. All available resources must be utilized to improve learning. There may be a library in every home, consisting of books, tapes, and videos. When arranging ingredients, care must be taken to ensure that only ingredients are accurate and reliable. It is equally important to be careful about removing all negative influences from the home, including television, music that violates the law.

Likewise, it is also important to provide our children with the right community environment and a good personality to be mature and develop. It is the responsibility of every parent to contribute positively to making the community a better place by raising our children. If we fail to do it, we not only endanger our families, and ourselves but we also negatively impact the whole community.

13. Always Pray:
One of the best help we can do for our parents to help our children grow properly and follow in the footsteps of our godly ancestors in all walks of life is prayer and pleading for their well-being.

14. Assist children in choosing good friends:
Parents have to help their children develop friendships with honest and true Muslim friends. The criteria for choosing friends must be determined for children. Parents have a great responsibility to monitor the character and behavior of their children and the influence of peers. It should be made clear to children that when it comes to character, no compromise will be entertained. If parents feel the danger to their children because of their friends, children must be immediately notified about it and they must obey their parents' advice and not befriend them, if necessary.

If there is no good nurturing in guiding children to choose friends and peer groups, the consequences will be disastrous and far-reaching in their lives. We must also encourage our children to be in the study environment because that environment is a best friend. Besides, bring our children closer to the habit of reading and writing because books are friends and friends for life. Because it is said that people die but books never do. Children must feel relaxed and comfortable accompanied by books. We need to promote reading in our homes by setting an example.

15. Growing a sense of brotherhood to others:
One of the responsibilities of parents is to teach children the importance of brotherhood among humanity. They need to feel a sense of belonging. There is currently a trend in society that youth do not seem to be moved by empathy for the suffering of humanity in other parts of the country or abroad. They ignore it because it's not their problem. This is a very dangerous trend, which is contrary to Islamic teachings.

Parenting is the most important responsibility that must be faced during life. Parenting in the current era is the most challenging. A lot of effort, dedication, sincerity, rationality, and willpower is needed to make it happen. However, to make it easy to do, parents must be sincere and be reminded every day that they will be called to account for even the smallest difference remaining in giving their children their obligations.

Parenting is all about preparing our children to face life's challenges and enlightening them with education in all branches of knowledge so far, they are not in conflict with Islamic principles. Studying various ideologies, religious systems, and other disciplines must be encouraged to help our children grow intellectually, provide leadership to the world, and prove the superiority of Islam than others through logic, knowledge, and wisdom.

Parents need to be righteous not only for themselves but also for their children as well. It has been established that the blessings of the good deeds of the parents are extended to offspring and relatives.

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