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Tips for Teaching Children about Gender Differences

In the previous article, Tips for Toddler Quality Sleep, the separation of beds between boys and girls should be accustomed early on. By providing this simple education early on to toddlers, it is hoped that someday they can have the right paradigm about their true identity. As; by starting to understand that:

1. I am male, you are female (and vice versa)
2. Different between men and women, different body shapes, different ways of dressing, and others.

To make children understand the difference is really not a simple problem. In this case, the right approach in a good way is certainly very necessary. Especially at this time, the propaganda of eLGeBeTe or transgender is increasingly prevalent among our people under the pretext of human rights and freedom. Therefore, this is a crucial thing for us to instill in our children as early as possible because God created man with only two sexes, male and female, and nothing in the middle.

Now, to help Mother and Father in providing this education, here are Tips for Teaching Children about Gender Differences to our children from an early age at home;

First, separate the bedrooms of boys and girls. This is because when they have an understanding of the separation of bedrooms between boys and girls will make them realize that they are different and should not be in one bed

Second, familiarize the mandatory habits as adults. Although it is not an obligation to get girls to wear good and polite clothes well or get boys to wear pants below the knee is a good thing because education at an early age will greatly affect the character's personality and imprint on their hearts.

Third, teach privacy. Make it a habit so that when a child is bathing he can maintain his privacy, for example by not leaving the bathroom without using a towel at a minimum

Fourth, respect for other people's privacy. Give understanding to children to respect the room of others for example, when the door of his father's father's room or siblings closed for example, by teaching them to ask permission before entering.

Fifth, don't joke with the opposite sex attribute. Not allowed for parents to wear a veil or hair clip or anything that is the identity of women to boys or vice versa even though it's a joke.

Let's try together father and mother to take care of our children because often this behavior of sexual deviations does not unconsciously occur because of the wrong parenting of the parents and hopefully we are not included in it

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