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Tips for Quality Child Sleep

Like eating, all humans need sleep to keep their bodies healthy. Likewise, with children, children are in dire need of quality sleep because this is quite influential on their growth and development processes, including their concentration in learning. Therefore, parents need to ensure the quantity and quality of their children's sleep.

According to the National Sleep Foundation, the sleep needs of each child are different but can rely on the table below:
Kebutuhan Tidur
0 – 2 bulan
12 – 18 Jam
3 – 11 bulan
14 – 15 Jam
1 – 3 Tahun
12 – 14 Jam
4 – 5 Tahun
11 – 13 Jam
6 – 10 Tahun
10 – 11 Jam
                              Toddler Sleep O'clock

However, the sleep needs of every child are not always following the table. Some toddlers need less sleep and some may be less than the table. Activities and daily activities greatly affect our sleep needs because apart from quantity, sleep quality also greatly affects the sleep adequacy of each child. Getting used to good sleep is very necessary for children. Then, how to get quality sleep for our children. The following tips need to be considered by parents so that their children's sleep quality remains as follows:

First, the separation of the bed. Separating the beds of boys and girls is something that must be done early on for our children to familiarize themselves with gender differences.

Second, do not sleep in a full of light state. Turning off the lights during sleep should be done so that the nerves in the eye rest and sleep more relaxed. Tell the child so that they understand why the lights should be turned off or if the child is afraid, turn off the lights after the child is sleeping soundly.

Third, sleep fresh and clean. Washing yourself before going to bed such as washing your face, hands, and feet, brushing your teeth and getting used to doing ablution and wearing loose and comfortable clothes will make a child's sleep more comfortable and quality.

Fourth, pray before sleeping. Parents should teach our children to be grateful for the joys of life and sleep by praying.

Mother and Father, Preparation before going to bed are very important to make the child's good quality sleep. If quality sleep, children do not need to have sleep debt experienced by children so that their growth and development is optimal.

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