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5 Tips for Teaching Our Children to Share

Being a parent, of course, should be an example for our children. One thing we must do is to develop or increase empathy for sharing and helping our children. Sharing is one of the things that our children are liked by their friends and when they grow up they make people who can be useful to others.

Nothing is happier than we can share with others in need. Mother and father, the spirit of sharing are contagious. So, it is actually easy to make children share with friends. As long as we invite him carefully.

Here are 5 Tips for Teaching Our Children to Share;

First, show that we also like to share. When we are eating, share our food with the children. Let the children occasionally watch when we make donations for victims of natural disasters or donations for people in need.

Second, Tell the children that sharing will make us loved by many people. It also conveys that other people help and share a lot with us.

Third, give time. Toddlers are usually not immediately easy to share. Especially if you have to share toys or favorite objects. Allow a few moments until they want to release the toy.

Fourth, give appreciation when our children want to share.

Fifth, Instill in us there are no stingy children or selfish children. They just don't understand. So, no need to be disappointed because children will continue to develop.

Oh yes, Mother and Father besides having to share, teach also that there are certain items that cannot be shared with friends because they are personal and can transmit diseases, such as toothbrushes or underwear. By training our children to share, hopefully, they will be a good person who will be able to contribute to others.

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