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Children Love are the Secret Key When They Learn

In the latest teaching studies, which began with Dr. Georgi Lozanov, after he successfully developed accelerated learning in Bulgaria, until its equivalent quantum learning was successfully applied at the Super Camp by Bobbi Deporter. All teaching research has been practiced in several European, American, and parts of Asia.
The results of the research we quoted from Adi W. Gunawan (2004); that teacher teaching based on brain work, memory strength, neuro-linguistic programming, motivation, self-concept, personality, emotions, feelings, thoughts, metacognition, learning styles, multiple intelligences, and learning modalities and others become basic power for students to learn to the degree ... I understand. In this situation, the way the teacher teaches is the same as the way students learn to make the lesson easy to understand.

For us, as concluded by S. Belen's research, that in this world there is really no problem learning because every child is blessed with extraordinary brain potential that makes him capable of being a brilliant human being. There is precisely the problem of teaching. Mistakes applying teaching methods and techniques bring potential students to become low-ability children. So, we believe and believe as confidently as possible that the teaching methods that children love are the secret key when our children and students learn. Our hope is that this book will be a practical guide, a mandatory handbook, a manual book, and a teacher's teaching torch to help our children and students achieve their best level of competence at every level of their education.

We want to make teachers and parents aware of the importance of knowing the work function of the brain and brain growth in our students. Because basically, as long as our children or students have brains in their skulls and are medically healthy, DEFINITELY the child/student is SMART. In conducting learning activities, it is important if you have to know the best type of intelligence before we choose the teaching strategy. The point is that there is no brainless intelligence, stupid students are myths and teach by incorporating information through the door of students' intelligence that is "wide open".

Next is that teachers and parents who teach students and their children by entering information through the door of students 'intelligence that is "wide open", is an awareness for teachers to fulfill the philosophical nature that teaching according to the workings of the brain is a fulfillment of students' rights in the education process. Teacher's friend ... Teaching that students like is the secret to becoming a Super Teacher.

We also want to confirm and confirm that learning is an effort and process to achieve learning outcomes indicators in each competency. Indeed teaching that adapts to the working pattern of the brain according to the student's learning style is concerned with the overall effort (the best process), where the logical consequences of the overall effort and the best process of student learning must be assessed authentically (process-based assessment). The best process will likely produce the best results (products). And in this chapter there are also practical and easy examples of making authentic assessment rubrics.

Teachers and parents must also know everything related to the teaching strategies of multiple intelligences that are classified based on the dominant types of multiple intelligences. Strategies are used to make it easier for teachers and parents to understand the context of the strategy to be used.

Including the procedure for implementing each strategy, recommendations for applying a strategy at the level of student teaching, approach to multiple intelligences and learning modalities to the strategies used, examples of strategy assessment rubrics, and examples of process-based assessment (authentic assessment) of students on each strategy.

Of course, as Thomas Armstrong said, multiple intelligences learning strategies encourage teachers to innovate in their teaching methods. Therefore, every teacher is required to be more creative in finding breakthroughs to optimize all types of intelligence that exist. Thus, teacher creativity becomes a keyword to bring up multiple intelligences teaching strategies.

About Multiple Intelligences Teaching Strategies:

Rewriting the brilliant thoughts of Thomas Armstrong's research, Ph.D. and scientific opinions of Prof. Yohanes Surya, Ph.D. and Munif Chatib

The multiple intelligences learning strategy is an effort to achieve certain competencies in learning by optimizing the eight intelligences that each student has. The multiple intelligences learning strategy is a way of accessing information through eight lines of intelligence that exist in each student, but to get it out again all intelligence synergizes in a unique unit according to needs. So that students are able to solve learning problems in amazing ways. The strategy of multiple intelligences learning makes students as champions in certain fields in accordance with prominent intelligence on him because basically in each student there is always one or more prominent intelligence that he has.

The multiple intelligences learning strategy encourages teachers to innovate in how to teach. Therefore, every teacher is required to be more creative in finding breakthroughs to optimize all types of intelligence that exist. As a learning strategy, as long as it has procedural activities contained in the lesson plan. The multiple intelligences strategy is like a broad context. Whatever the name of the strategy, I try to call it a strategy of multiple intelligence, for example, the socio-drama strategy (role play) is legitimate for me to enter in the large family of multiple intelligences strategies. Likewise, guess words, concerts, simulations, etc. The teaching strategies for multiple intelligences are also active learning, emphasizing the learning of active students. On the basis of the above thinking, supported by teacher creativity, it is very possible that a book entitled 95 Teaching Strategies for Multiple Intelligences is in the hands of readers and becomes a guide for teachers to choose their teaching strategies. Doing fun learning is one of the main requirements that must always be sought. Nothing is impossible if we want to try it.

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