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Parents Should Know That Every Child is Smart

Learning That Uses the Brain, Not the Snoring "The brain is like a muscle, if it is not used, it will decrease its ability." - Eric Jensen

No Brain Without Intelligence, Stupid Students Are Myths "The brain is an artist, a chemist, an engineer. He continues to work on arranging and managing himself. So that he is not only the most effective storage place in the world but also an efficient record keeper and library administrator. Its speed has not been matched by any computer. "- Herbert Benson An inspirational true story that follows has confirmed our belief that no child is stupid.

Here's the story: The story of Papuan children, 4 years of not going up to class successfully won the Asian-level math-science Olympics A true story about a group of the most "stupid" children from Papua winning the world-level science Olympics. Host Kick Andy, Andy F. Noya presents the heroic story of the four Papuan children. Accompanied by his mentor Prof. Yohanes Surya, these children, Tina, Demira, Kohoy, and Christian, are children who are considered the most "stupid" in their school. Tina, for example, 4 years has never been in a class. At the Surya academy, Yohanes Surya educates the four children with the right strategies and methods. Students are trained to understand the basic logic, functions, and uses of matter. Previously, the four children were unable to write and calculate correctly. The right teaching method emphasizes fun and creative learning activities. By motivating the affective side of the four children. Yohanes Surya managed to break the obsolete theory, that: "there are no children who are stupid, there are those who have not found a good teacher with the right method. In the Kick Andy show, these four children: Tina, Demira, Kohoy, and Christian managed to win the Asian-level math-science Olympics with four gold, five silver, and three bronze medals. Moreover, the four children managed to find a tsunami detection device.

*** Bill Knake, a human with an IQ below 50 is an inspiration and author of the book, quoted from the story of Campbell and Dickinson (2006: 202). When Bill was a baby, his parents decided to divorce. Bill's mother who cared had feelings of being burdened with this upbringing. When Bill was 9 years old, Bill was sent to live in an orphanage to improve his mentality, where Bill spent his 12 years. While in the home, Bill was isolated from his family, friends, and a small town where he lived. Isolation of Bill also affected him to "blind him". Taking into account an IQ below 50, Bill was never taught to read and write. His days at the home were spent doing menial jobs.

After being released from state facilities, Bill lives with the support of community agencies, to help someone who grows up with institutional formation to achieve a more complete and independent life. When he was 31 years old, Bill decided to learn to write and read. The agency facilitator gives Bill a teacher to teach him to read and write. Bill immediately expressed his desire to write a letter to his mother. With the guidance of the teacher, Bill was able to express his desire to write a letter to his mother. After being able to express his desire to write, Bill determined the next goal: "write a book". Hesitantly, Bill expressed his desire to write a book to the teacher. Six months later, Bill finished his book, entitled The Inside World.

Bill Knake's "perseverance" and "passion", became a very important modality for Bill to achieve his desire: write letters for his mother and write the book The Inside World. The story of Bill Knake inspires many people to organize and achieve their desired goals. The story of Bill Knake, confirms to us, that: no child is stupid, there are children who have not found a good teacher and the right method.

*** B. "Cluster-cluster" Intelligence The brain is a machine that produces intelligence. But humans will not be smart if there is no learning process, the way the brain must always be used. How to use the brain by thinking.

Thinking is learning. Learning is not just sitting around watching the teacher in class, but also interacting is learning, learning can also be done by imagining material, as Einstein imagined numbers. Using imagination is a learning process. There is no intelligence if there is no learning process. God has provided a place of intelligence precisely in brain cells. From here, as long as the learning process takes place the thought process is produced and developed until the human stage reaches the peak of its maximum competence.

A person's intelligence develops along with the quality of learning he experiences. The genetic inheritance of children's intelligence is not absolute but potential, said Kazuo Murakami. The positive quality of the environment and the quality of food intake contribute to the development of one's intelligence. Parenting in education affectionately influences brain architecture. Quantity (amount of information) and quality of information (information that is repeated) is able to make synapses (network between cells of the brain) become many and strong. Children's intelligence is determined by how much and how strong the synapses are.

Today's brain research has offered a broader view of intelligence. A brain is a machine of intelligence (Hawkins and Blakeslee). Intelligence is as wide as the ocean as wide as the secret of the brain. Until now scientists have not finished mapping the secrets of the "universe" of the brain. The logical meaning is: if intelligence is as wide as the secret of the "universe" of the brain, then intelligence is not just limited to the numbers of test results. Intelligence allows a continuity that can be developed for life. In the context of education, the information above changes the perspective to, "It is not as smart as you are, but how you become smart."

In the learning process, everything comes from the brain. The brain has a complex and sophisticated nervous system if given a stimulus through a fun learning process, bridges of new knowledge are formed. The knot of knowledge bridging connections is built by inter-myelin bonds in brain neurons. The more nodes between bridges that are built, the more the quality of the brain aka the more intelligent. In human skulls, billions of nerves and other basic ingredients are arranged very neatly and complex.

Apparently, God has created every inch of the brain very sophisticated. The term medical, that part is called a lobe. The distribution is similar to clusters in housing. The human brain has areas of intelligence such as Linguistics, Logical-Mathematics, Visual-Spatial, Music, Kinesthetic, Interpersonal, Intrapersonal, Naturalist. The experts argue that the position of the lobe in the brain (lobes of the brain) is the spaces of intelligence which confirm that: as long as humans are born with a brain, the child is DEFINITELY SMART. The appropriate stimulus education, appropriate education patterns and strategies, abundant patience without violence, consistent continuity of fun learning and maintained growth health enables the child to become a genius.

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