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Why Should We Get Married? What are the Benefits of Getting Married?

Why Should We Get Married? What are the Benefits of Getting Married?

Talking about family certainly will not be separated from marriage because through this marriage the family will be formed along with the responsibilities that follow. Before we discuss the Family, some questions may arise in our minds, for example, What about the ideal marriage and what does it have to do with education? Marriage itself can be seen from two aspects namely marriage as Human Fitrah or human nature, and marriage as a social benefit. This, of course, gives us a picture that marriage is a bond or a link between them as a means of education by taking responsibility, bearing children, acknowledging child offspring, maintaining physical and moral safety, fostering feelings of love for both parents to children, helping each other between husband and wife in educating children, rectifying mischief, and preparing a child to be a useful human being for life.

A. Marriage as Human Nature
Marriage as a concept that humans should get married when they have the ability. because we, humans, tend to multiply offspring and have families. It is clear to anyone who understands that in marriage there is human nature so that a human can carry the mandate of the greatest responsibility in himself for those who are entitled to education and care when he welcomes the call of nature by getting married, accepting the demands of instinctual demands and live the sunnah of life.

B. Marriage as a Social Benefit
There are so many benefits that we can get from marriage, both in general and social terms, and how marriage itself is linked to education.

1. Marriage protects the survival of the human species
With marriage, humankind will be more and more sustainable until the time comes to end. There is no doubt that in this continuity and sustainability there is a maintenance of human survival and there is a motivation for intellectuals to put in place methods of education and correct rules for the safety of the human species itself from both spiritual and physical aspects.

2. Marriage protects the offspring
Through the marriage that has been established, the children will feel proud of the relationship of their offspring to their father. It is clear that with this kinship there is respect for themselves, the stability of the soul, and respect for their human values. If no marriage is established, maybe the community will be full of children who do not have such honor and offspring. This is a very heavy blasphemy for moral values ​​that cause damage and permissiveness.

3. Marriage protects people from moral decadence
With marriage, people will survive moral decadence, in addition to feeling safe from various social rifts for people who have understanding and understanding. It will be evident that if the tendency of other kinds of instincts is satisfied with the right marriage, with the right relationship, then humans or society, both individually and in community, will feel at ease with high morality and noble character. Thus the community can carry out the responsibilities that have been assigned to themselves

4. Marriage protects people from disease
With marriage, the community will be safe from infectious diseases that are very dangerous and can kill those that spread among community members due to heinous acts and illicit free relations. Among these diseases are syphilis, AIDS, gonorrhea, and various dangerous diseases that can kill offspring, weaken the physical, spread the plague, and destroy the health of children.

5. Marriage fosters spiritual peace and soul
With marriage, the spirit of love and togetherness between husband and wife will grow. When a husband finishes his work in the afternoon, he will rest in the evening, gather with his family and children. He will forget all the anxiety he experienced during the day and all the fatigue he experienced during work will be extinct. Likewise, the wife, when gathering with her husband and welcoming the night as a companion to his life. Thus each one gets peace of mind and the happiness of marriage.

6. Marriage is a partnership of husband and wife in fostering the household and educating children
With marriage, the husband and wife will work together in fostering the household and assume responsibility. Both of them will perfect the other work, the wife does her special task following the nature of her femininity which is to take care of home affairs and educate children. Likewise, a husband who will carry out special tasks with the nature of his birth is working for his family, doing heavy work, and protecting the family from various threats. In this case, the spirit of help between husband and wife seems perfect. Both of them are trying to achieve the most important results and the best fruit in preparing the pious children and educating the generation that in their hearts brings strength and in their souls to bring peace.

7. Marriage f a sense of Motherhood and Motherhood
With marriage, will foster a sense of love and affection between the two husbands and wives and from their hearts will emanate sources of feelings and noble touch. It is clear that in this feeling there is a noble influence and positive results in caring for children, watching over their benefit, and Rising Together with them towards a peaceful and safe life facing a bright and glorious future.

That is all social benefits born from the marriage of the author see the multiplication between these various benefits with children's education, family improvement, and regeneration. Therefore, it is not surprising that humans tend to get married because humans need as creatures full of affection.

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